Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Danial Martin Gray - Hero

Today's Citizen Hero
Daniel Martin Gray

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I recently WON MY FREEDOM from SEIU.

FORCED to PAY for their "Progressive" POLITICS, I SUED them in Federal Court, and with the EXCELLENT assistance of the National Right to Work Foundation, BEAT THEM!


They let me RESIGN my membership, and PAID BACK all the dues.

NOW I am waiting for their "Hudson" notice. They must provide me with an independent AUDIT of expenditures, to PROVE that what I will pay NEXT year is NO MORE than is required for Contract negotiation and maintenance.


I found this comment last week while perusing the story about the  failed union (Obama Administration) orchestrated Wal-Mart—Black Friday protest.  This guy is a hero, and there are millions more like him out there. They (we) just have to become proactive again.  (See Tea Party 2010).


Anonymous said...

I'm a union member but I don't contribute to their PAC's. My spare change goes to the NRA or the SAF.
I've seen both what unions have done for people and what they've done to people. Beyond simple wage negotiations, many safety standards and regulations etc are due to unions, benefiting both the worker and the general public.

OTOH, I curse the idea of union negotiated health care plans. They seem to think they know more than my college educated and board certified doctor. As a matter of course, they deny almost all claims over silly crap, ie because my wife used her middle name instead of her initial, and then we get to appeal. But they have no problems wasting my money in other ways, real estate in particular. I just know it's going to be so much better now that the government is involved. HA Oops, wandered of course there.

I think it's outrageous that welfare pays more than the minimum wage. Not to raise the minimum, but I'd take a machete to the welfare state and the people that designed it. If you want more than rice & beans you can work for it.
The majority of retailers mostly hire part time employees. They don't have to pay benefits for employees that way. This forces people to work multiple part time jobs AND seek government assistance to support a family. If you want to reduce the number of mouths sucking off the government teat, make employers provide a living wage.

This boat lost it's rudder. Thank you sire for the chance to rant.
ignore amos

Anonymous said...

Ignor, a portion of your dues is sent off to the HQ in DC, and dropped into a Dem candidates contribution bucket. Unions without fail contribute to political campaigns.
There is a law that allows members to request any dues collected over and above the cost of negotiations etc be returned upon request. Somehow, it seems that those costs seem to inflate and leave very little to return to the member.
We are beyond the point where unions are necessary for work safety, etc. They now exist to extort. They extort money from workers in the form of dues, and employers in the form of wages above the going rate for similar work. The union forces up the cost of goods without any penalty. If they are really successful, no one will buy their product. See: ChryCo, GM, Studebaker, Packard, AMC, Nash, Kaiser, etc. And then look at non-union producers in TN, GA, SC, OH. The unions will put GM back into bankruptcy once again, just as they did to Hostess.
The Teamsters would not allow the bread team to load, unload, or drive on the same trucks as the cake, ho-ho and twinky products. Double the labor, double the truck, double the mileage, double the insurance, and so on.
They shoved their hands so far up the ass of the goose laying the golden eggs that they killed it.
They were what I call greedy. They got theirs and scrue the rest of you. Which is a familiar attitude of union members. The Wisconsin teachers union did the same thing. The contract forced school districts to purchase health insurance from the union. Somehow, the premiums for 'union' insurance were significantly more expensive than other policies available in the state. They voted to put some of their members out of work rather than accept adjustments to the contract. Greedy. I've got mine...

And no one seems to give a flying fig about the school children who don't get an education because the union protects their incompetent members, and uses seniority alone to determine who is retained.
They also pulled a selfish walkout in Chicago, leaving thousands of parents with frantic searches to find someone to care for their children, and shorted the kids of days of education. They weren't pleased with their raises, though they are paid significantly above the national norm, and made a lot more than the parents of the children they teach. Consider that they also had the fewest of THEIR children in the public school system. Unions start to suck when they learn they can get something for nothing, and put educating the children at the end of the line.
If you look at the states, the ones that are 'right to work' are significantly ahead of the closed shop states. Why work hard when you get paid the same as your co-workers who don't do anything? The attitude corrupts, and it spreads.
How many people in a union would quit paying dues and leave the union if they could? The majority, I'd bet. tomw

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