Sunday, November 25, 2012


TECHNO THRILLS                      

Today's $aver Gift Idea- The $20 Speaker System

Res Ipsa Loquitor


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad I dont work with whoever figured that out.

Helly said...

This is just Rodger trying to get me to do stupid stuff.

It doesn't work.

DougM said...

^ Not on you, maybe.

leelu said...

Radio shack (remember them?) have some nice ones for about the same price.

Anonymous said...

Now that all of you are in the market for new headphones because your old ones are inexplicably full of boogers, Here are the ones I use. They good, durable ones that don't keep falling out of your ears with great sound.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, pet peeve of mine: THOSE AREN'T HEADPHONES!! Headphones are worn on the head, not inside the ears. Those are earbuds. Or in-ears if you're a musician.


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