Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vulture One

Obama fires 20,000 Marines,
promises billions to Muslim green energy

Marine Corps
November 24, 2012

I was speaking with a friend whose husband is a (US NAVY) submarine commander.  She, like most of us, is frantic, and at a loss to explain what just happened.  I asked her in the spirit of bar-talk whether her husband had said anything about the "military" solutiuon  (not that either of us support one).  Without answering, she offered that he had told her that our military is now weaker than it has been since he's been in the military. It's getting weaker.


pdwalker said...

All that he does (or is instructed to do) is by design, not by stupidity or incompetence.

The destruction of America's power is the goal, not the unexpected result.

Spin said...

He did say he would 'fundamentally' change America. It might be the only campaign promise he keeps.

Resist said...

When turned against us, a weaker military is a good thing. And we all know that day is coming...

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