Sunday, January 08, 2012

A New Director



My first ever attempt at Movie Maker.  I thought I did ok, what do ya think???


Damned Good Chris.  Concept and style are most important, and you display them here. 

All Vision, No Action


Behind The Gregory Brothers' viral videos

MoSup called me in to watch this THIS MORNING this morning.  Darn! I did that all that in my mind 10 years ago; Bummer.  Jealous. Sigh.

U.S. Citizens Only


An Alabama Court has announced that it will hear arguments as to whether Barack Hussein Obama II is in fact eligible to appear on the State Presidential Primary Ballot.

Several Alabama citizens have filed a lawsuit within the Alabama Circuit Court to "prevent certification of President Barack Obama for 2012 Alabama ballot access pending final hearing based on factual evidentiary hearings."

The deadline for any candidate to register to appear on the Alabama Presidential Primary ballot is just days away, but by agreeing to hear the case, the Alabama Courts have effectively stalled any efforts by the Democratic Party to place Obama on the ballot. [Full]

Rotting AF1
This has to be the comment of the day on this story (Free Republic)
"I’m surprised the MSM is not all over this story about people in Alabama attempting to remove Obama from the ballot."

" the media, perhaps, tilted the scales a little bit ..

Quote of the Day


You had the media, perhaps, tilting on the scales a little bit [for Obama in 2008] Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper is prolly the best the alphabet news media have to offer; this understatment is the best you'll ever get from them

Two guys walk into a bar ..

BTW, Left is Right



Siamese twins walk into a bar in Canada and park themselves on a bar stool.

One of them says to the bartender, "Don't mind us; we're joined at the hip. I'm John, he's Jim. Two Molson Canadian beers, draft please."

The bartender, feeling slightly awkward, tries to make polite conversation while pouring the beers. "Been on holiday yet, lads?"

"Off to England next month," says John. "We go to England every year, rent a car and drive for miles. Don't we, Jim?" Jim agrees.

"Ah, England!" says the bartender. "Wonderful country... the history, the
beer, the culture..."

"Nah, we don't like that British crap," says John. "Hamburgers and Molson's beer, that's us, eh Jim? And we can't stand the English - they're so arrogant and rude."

"So why keep going to England?" asks the bartender.

"It's the only chance Jim gets to drive."


Flying Body Part Insurance?

Bad Judges and Tort Law Asshats

Boy Hits Woman With His Leg;
Woman Outrageously Sues
But, WAIT!


18-year-old 18-year-old Hiroyuki Joho was running across the Amtrak tracks to catch another train but didn't make it -- he was hit by an oncoming train going 70 mph and his body was torn apart by the force and flung onto a nearby passengers' waiting platform.

Gayane Zokhrabov
, 58, was struck by a sizable chunk of the boy's body and was knocked to the ground, breaking her leg and wrist. The court ruled that the boy's death was "reasonably foreseeable" and that his estate can be held responsible for his negligence. [Full]

Tort Law Asshat Leslie Rosen

Tort law asshat  
Leslie Rosen
The judge in this case ought be kicked off the bench, disbarred, fined, and ridden out of town on a rail.   Along with lawyer Rosen. I mean that in the good way. 

In Search of Shakespeare


In Search of Shakespeare


Res Ipsa Loquitur

Given that most of you are avidly interested in politics, I will assume your love of history since the two are really inexorably entwined.  I watched  In Search of Shakespeare (PBS 2004) last night.  Rather, I watched the first of four one-hour episodes.  As a predicate to understanding the Shake, Michael Wood begins by examining the happenings 16th century England. 

Elizabethan England was, says Wood, a police state, where paid informers no less through then East Germany's Stasi,  snitched on everyone. The records are still accessible, hand written on bolts of parchment. We learn in some great detail how Willy grew up, his schooling ( the school he attended is still in use), the books he read, and how his gammy and gampy were drawn and quartered by the Queen.  Here's the NetFlix (instant watch) link.  I'll watch the rest this coming week, and may or may not update this post.  You're welcome.

After the IRS, the EPA ...

                   Today's Randomly Chosen Tale of a Police State

After the IRS, the EPA ...
An Idaho businessman and his wife are pleading with the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the federal government’s “bullying” over the family’s simple plan to build a three-bedroom home on a plot of ground they purchased in an existing subdivision in Idaho, plans for which they already have obtained all the legally necessary building permits.

The issue is that the
Environmental Protection Agency claims that the land – which is surrounded by existing homes on three adjacent lots, has no standing water, and has no streams or creeks on it – is “wetlands.”  [EPA Horror]
The EPA, boys and girls, is the only reason Richard Nixon deserved to be removed from office.  Reckless endangerment of the U.S.  Constitution (although Newt says The EPA Was Founded on Sound Ideas). Ahem.