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Ellen Fapper

JFK's Teeny-bopper mistress

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JFK's Teeny-Bop Mistress
Asks her to "do" Ted


JFK Teenybopper Mistress, Mimi Alford

One of their last times together was at a Boston Democratic fund-raiser. Ted Kennedy, the president’s baby brother, was in the room with them.

“I could see that mischievous look come into his eye. ‘Mimi, why don’t you take care of my baby brother? He could stand a little relaxation.’

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she replied firmly. “Absolutely not, Mr. President.”

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What a family.  What a filthy bunch of drunks and perverts,

Whence Obama

Whence the Obamissariat

  via George W
Interesting.  The attempts are well documented; the reasons given are of course conjecture.  Conjecture however that fits the leftist template that I'll call "For the chillens."  You'll recall a persistent squeak from the media during this period,   about how the "Natural Born" provision should be changed—   so Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger could run for president..  Remember?  That was while the Austrian actor and body builder was still viewed as a conservative.   "Do it for the chillens"   For those of you who balk at thinking Barry Obama Soetoro was to be the recipient of this move by democrats, way back in 2000, consider.

When George Bush saved the nation from John Kerry in 2004, an inordinate amount of ink was used covering the election to the U.S. Senate of a little known black guy from Illinois.  It was so much, for something of  so little significance at that moment,  that Jonah Goldberg noted it in his NRO column: CAPTURING THE MEDIA MOMENT

If I were a political cartoonist, I would draw Dan Rather or Katie Couric with a thought-bubble over his/her head. Inside would be the front page of the New York Times.

Banner Headline:


Only Black Senator

Tiny headline below the fold:

Bush wins presidency, Fails to reach out to Blacks, Gays.

GOP picks up Senate, House Seats


Hillary Clinton Congratulates Obama

"We can do great things together," NY Sen Declares.

November 03, 2004

Consider that in 2008 congressional democrats held hearings to consider the eligibility of John McCain?  Because he was born while his naval officer dad was stationed in Panama?  Were there hearings about Obama's eligibility?  No. I believe the McCain hearings were a democrat hedge against someone noticing the peculiarities of Obama's existence.  Something that didn't happen until the campaign was well under way, and then dismissed as the ravings of lunatics. 

Remember how Obama denied any relationship with Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers ("he's just a guy in the neighborhood")?  Despite all of this?  Hell, Ayers himself finally admitted last year that he had in fact hosted that fundraiser in 1995!   for Barry (something denied by Obama).  It was the opinion of every expert who  looked at it, that Ayers penned Obama's :autobiography Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance.”   An autobiography of someone nobody had heard of  when it was commissioned in 1990!  And which, as it turns out, is made up out of whole cloth. Why? 

I'm convinced that Obama was "installed" as president to fulfill the goals, aspirations, and plans of a cabal that included Ayers.  And  a lot of elected Democrats.  A puppet president, working (not all that hard)  from a script.