Friday, February 17, 2012

Anima l"Right's" drone shot down

Sigh Hoes in the Outfield

Animal rights group says drone shot down



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"Seconds after it hit the air, numerous shots rang out," Hindi said in the release. "As an act of revenge for us shutting down the pigeon slaughter, they had shot down our copter." Read more:

I have tears of great joy in my eyes.  America LIVES!  I've been waiting years for us to show a semblance of the balls the French showed with  the Rainbow Warrior.  The French for chrisake. It's too damn bad the thing   was unmanned.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Famous rabid dog Susie Tompkins Buell -

Got me.
for a minute


San Francisco philanthropist Susie Tompkins Buell, one of the Democratic Party's most generous benefactors, is keeping her checkbook closed when President Obama holds high-priced California fundraisers this week.

There's just so much accumulated evidence, going back to them (still) refusing to believe that Alger Hiss was a communist, to suggest—  NO  —  PROVE! that American Democrats (AKA Liberals, Progressives, Communists) are intellectual rabid dogs.  So now you hate yourself for thinking you've found spark evidence of a warm mind in one of them. And getting bitch-slapped. I won't go through the drill of listing any of the myriad causes for any reasonable person to stop funding this man.  Don't need to; you know them all.  But no.  What caused Miss Susie to take some ersatz immunoglbulin treatment? 

"I thought that he really did understand 'the urgency of now' on climate change," she said. "He has not been vocal enough ... and I want to encourage him to lead me." -Susie Tompkins Buell.

I am such a fool. 

Girl fights

Girls can fight
for awhile


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Picture brought memories.  When I was six or seven, a girl used to beat the crap out of me on the way home from school.  I don't know why;  there was often no reason for these things where I grew up in Chicago.  Anyway, one day (I want to say her name was Mildred) I was able to fend her off with a good punch.  When you get home from one of these fights you're trembling anyway, from the adrenaline overload - and the shame of losing. That day there was no shame, but exhilaration. 

About two hours later the doorbell rang.  It was Mildred's mother, with Mildred in tow.  Mrs. Mildred laid into my mom  for raising a boy who beat-up on girls.  I remember trying to defend my action, but I had never complained to my mom, or dad, or anybody,  about getting beat-up by a girl, so my protestations sounded hollow.  I forget the punishment.  Not watching the next I Love Lucy was the norm.  While this little soirĂ©e was going on - Peggy!  Her name was Peggy, not Mildred, and she wore pigtails - Peggy stuck her tongue out at me.  I wanted to hit her.  Anyway, it's my experience that up to a certain age there exists no physical superiority of one gender over the other.  Girls are very athletic for awhile.

I remember the last physical contact fight I had with a girl.  It wasn't a punching fight, but it was a very angry wrestle.  I was able to pin Pam (the one-year older neighbor girl)  in her from yard.  In doing so the buttons on her shirt popped, displaying way more than nascent breasts that I didn't know she had.  I was transfixed. The world stopped.  In a moment she began to cry, pushed me off  and ran inside.  I was worried the doorbell would ring again, but it didn't. 

 For my part, I developed a crush on Pam, right then.  Moving forward we developed a clumsy, but affectionate relationship that grew as time passed. We moved away before there was so much as a kiss swapped.  One day I got a letter from my friend Tim, with a newspaper clipping.  It was about an inquest.  Pam was watching television with her feet touching both the metal case of the TV,  and an electric floor lamp.  She was electrocuted.  Age 16.

The Cowmanity

The Humanity                        

The Cowmanity!


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Lucille Cloutier, who took the video while on vacation from Ontario, said that she would have expected the officers to have used tranquilizers rather than shooting the cows dead.

Tam- View From The Porch

Are we depraved beyond salvation?

Can Western Culture Be Saved?
 - and should it be?

This is cultural, but  not a  symbol of Western culture depravity,  like the rest will be.  Okay, I included it to titillate. Still, a  girl in our community had the same problem,  (and yes it is a problem).  She  eventually had breast reduction (down to about a nice 36 C) and it changed her life for the better.  She did complain after the reduction, about not being able to find a proper pillow,  but that was before memory foam.
San Francisco High School: Students Lined Up to "Marry" Their Sweethearts Regardless of Gender, Sexual Orientation or Relationship Status (via WCBM)

"San Francisco"  automatically conjures "depravity"  anymore.  In the larger scheme of things then, this sort of Liberal pap-smear is commonplace.  Which is the point.  Liberalism has so inculcated the culture that even the city's notorious street fairs (warning), where children can walk about while sexual acts are publicly consummated , no longer shock everyone.

My solution of course is to  nuke them. Yes, the B-52 is still our first option.  Only needs an oil change and air filter, which I hope to get around to this weekend.

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Demi Moore actually looks like she's 19 (she's 49, and ugly inside), and very hot.  Men will have trouble with this, then.  We were all 15.  We all had sex with Annette Funicello or, well, Demi Moore—   in our own fashion.  But this is wrong. I mean it. And the article itself  leads us into a temptation to violate the Tenth Commandment.

Why the 'Human Barbie' is now injecting her own 16-year-old daughter with Botox

'I talked her through the procedure and feel I did the responsible thing."

I'll let Maxine Waters stand for the culture of liberal politics.  If you  find some sense in what she's saying, you are depraved. In case nobody  told you before. 

The 'Tang Dialogs

The O'Tan Dialogs


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I love this  picture that keeps popping up on various  sites.  Every time I see it, a new conversation goes through my head.