Thursday, February 23, 2012

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Feds: Fresh milk 150 times more dangerous than pasteurized dairy

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English: The Cow-Pock—or—the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation!—vide. the Publications of ye Anti-Vaccine Society

Print (color engraving) published June 12, 1802 by H. Humphrey, St. James's Street.
In this cartoon, the British satirist James Gillray caricatured a scene at the Smallpox and Inoculation Hospital at St. Pancras, showing Edward Jenner administering cowpox vaccine to frightened young women, and cows emerging from different parts of people's bodies. The cartoon was inspired by the controversy over inoculating against the dreaded disease, smallpox. The inoculation agent, cowpox vaccine, was rumored to have the ability to sprout cow-like appendages. A serene Edward Jenner stands amid the crowd. A boy next to Jenner holds a container labeled "VACCINE POCK hot from ye COW"; papers in the boy's pocket are labeled "Benefits of the Vaccine". The tub on the desk next to Jenner is labeled "OPENING MIXTURE". A bottle next to the tub is labeled "VOMIT". The painting on the wall depicts worshippers of Obama. Er, Golden Calf.

Cow Pock is a well spring of metaphors, depending on your disposition and outlook.  This seems an easy fit.

..Mademoiselle from armatiers, is no more and reduced to tears

Feminist Asshat Culture

Adieu, ‘Mademoiselle’
France bans equivalent of ‘miss’ in government documents


Prior to the ban, women were referred to as either as madame (the English equivalent of Mrs.) or mademoiselle (the equivalent of Miss), depending on their marital status. Men are simply referred to as monsieur (Mr.).

The victory is one for the French feminists who earlier this year were able to eliminate the marital distinction from the town of Cesson-Sevigne. [Full]

The French have a confusing way of protecting their culture, wot wot?

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high colonics v. butter


Dueling Lifestyles


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TV health guru Gillian McKeith.  Age 51. Advocates a vegetarian diet which is high in organic fruits and vegetables.  Recommends detox diets, colonic irrigation, and supplements. 
Nigella Lawson. Age 51.  TV cook, Eats meat,  butter, desserts, and washes it all down with wine. 
I will presume to know a whole lot about Gillian McKeith.  If there is a prototypical look for aging hippie harpies, she has it. Nigella is all Donna Reed.  Teapartier, funny, and has a live-and-let-live philosophy.  Gillian McKeith would be repulsed by my very  pheromones and Reagan button. She does not use a bidet, but ought to.  Nigella would have been my prom date. 

  Tim W

Homer Jay- Illegally Snatched?


Homey Jay's Cultural Influence



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Is there no end to Homer Simpson's contribution to the pop culture?   Like this?  Or even this (WARNING actual vag prototype)., which seems to have been snatched by the designer of the above ensemble.  But still, isn't Nickelodeon a wholesome family cable channel?  Should these pictures even be offered for general viewership?  MoSup will not be amused.

Once Upon a Time in ...

       WHAT bad GUMMINT DO


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Fort Worth Texas, 1965

Did I say Fort Worth Texas in 1965?  I meant Tehran, Iran in 1965.  Check out the  Once Upon A Time in Iran slideshow. Once upon a time. Before the  Islamic theocracy.  Although not an Arab nation, like them Persia was also once a fount of advancements in the sciences, mathematics, literature, medicine, and  architecture.  Until things started going backwards for the Arabs in, oh, say the 7th century, AD.  What happened?  I'm just guessing here, but things do  tend to go to hell in a hand basket when people are yoked to a political system which presumes to govern every aspect of their lives. Like when the Ayatollahs snatched power in Iran in the late 1970s.  

For your assignment, write a 1500 word essay explaining how Islam is nothing like modern Liberalism.  Or 20 words, it that's all you need.   

   Gunny  Kim