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When Sheriff Joe speaks ...

Sheriff Joe

20120302 07:54

The article is what you would expect but some of the comments are very good.
After you glance at that, I found this a surprisingly captivating speech—  chat actually.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio is addressing a  CSPOA sheriff convention (Jan 30) Lots of little inside tidbits about stuff. 

Renoir- Not Renoir

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Not Renoir Rollover

Fill'er up with high test and check the drive train

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It's not so much the seeming lack of embarrassment that's notable, as it is seeing it replaced with an obvious sense of entitlement. But you already thought the same thing.  Except, maybe, for them what's asking why his nipples are covered by electrical tape?

Muslum Speech Impediment

   I am not making this up

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say "jihad"

… commenting on the ease with which a Muslim passenger ahead of him – who had her face almost completely covered by a hijab – had passed through security without showing her face.

As he placed his scarf and other belongings into a tray to pass through the X-ray scanner, Mr Jones, 67, said to an official: ‘If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.’

To his astonishment, he was stopped by security staff on the other side of the checkpoint at Gatwick and accused of racism after a Muslim security guard who heard the remark said it had caused her offence.

I don't think Claire the barbariandid either.

David Brock Compendium of Evil

a compendium of filth and crime to clip and save

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Media Matters’ Brock paid former partner $850k in ‘blackmail’ settlement

David Brock, fearful that damaging information about Media Matters For America would be released, reportedly paid his former domestic partner $850,000 to stay quiet, according to a Fox News report Monday. Brock later characterized the arrangement as “blackmail.”

Brock is the founder* of Media Matters, a liberal messaging organization that was the subject of a recent Daily Caller series.

*In fact, Media Matters was created by John Podesta after Hillary Clinton's request for a vehicle to combat the VRWC's  (Vicious Right Wing Conspiracy) control of media messaging-  lol.

Madoff-invested charities contributed $365k to Media Matters

“It’s too late in the game for them to get sued. That have certain defenses as a secondary recipient of the money. So I just don’t see it happening.”

NEXT: Media Matters won't say if it will return the money

Dem leaders, WH silent on Media Matters’ hostile rhetoric against Israel, Israel’s supporters

Alan Dershowitz is on a crusade against Media Matters.

The liberal Harvard Law School professor has taken every opportunity to lambast the left-wing organization for the bile it spills against Israel and its supporters. He is also critical of the association the Democratic Party has with the group.

Dershowitz has written that the rhetoric used by Media Matters senior foreign policy fellow MJ Rosenberg is like the “virulent hate speech you’d expect to find on a neo-Nazi website.”

He didn't say Hitler, but that's okay. We know. Dershowitz falls into the category of  decent people whose Liberalism keep them from thinking straight.  Except, like here, when their ox is being gored.  Still, it's good that the Jewish nobility, so important to creating Obamunism (in both word and deed$) are finally taking measure of what they've bought. 

Brietbart engulfed

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The screen cap is from Google news.  I haven't read the article, but Savage's question went through everyone's mind.  The real story is the atmosphere that prompts such thought.  I'm not close to suspecting foul play here, but guess what?  The Obama regime's manifest  use of thugs; disdain for the law, constitution, and their general deportment made the question automatic.  If it smells like a Schickelgruber, talks like a Schickelgruber, it's almost certainly Schickelgruber.

What intrigued me about the ABC news citation was the text chosen to sell the article.

.I would never take a shot at anyone who just died, however I will comment on your generalization. I seem to remember the comments from the right after Ted Kennedy died.

I know,  the media have pretty much stopped hiding their Liberal militancies, but this seemed beyond the pale.   The article itself was peppered with Sherod and Acorn stuff, every bit as disingenuous as what they charge Brietbart with.  But,  the selected (by Google) sparkle actually came from the comments.  If ever you doubt existence of an unbridgeable ideological gulf  between the reasonable and them— it be SMASHED.

[...] Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” is about as radical as “Mary Poppins” The most radical thing he proposed was that ghetto residents who couldn’t get their garbage picked up should place some of that garbage in front of the homes of city councilmen.

[...] “But it also must be said that this man’s form of “activism” was built on sowing division, hatred and falsehood.” –

I cannot respect a man who repeatedly deliberately lies. This one did so many times and in so many ways. The “edited” speeches were only the tip of the iceberg. He was not an honest man. He will not be missed by those who, even if they agreed with his basic ideas, deplored his methods of making his points.

[....]  Please make YOURSELF clearer. For instance, give us a few documented examples of President Obama’s lying/falsehoods and sowing of division and hatred.

Different planet.  These comport with what can be found on TWITTER .   I don't like them; nor they me.  I want nothing whatever to do with them, except to sell them things.  I certainly don't want to be governed by them.