Thursday, March 08, 2012

Manix Gel

Manix Gel
Watching Sausage Being Made

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Today's Cultural Oddity

Res Ipsa Loquitur

I don't know why.  Lohan looks like a meth addict.

Muscle Relaxers by the Inch

  Gizmo and Gadget  Nostalgia
Record High Pump Prices
3.57/ Inch Regular
3.15/ Inch Premium

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res Ipsa Loquitur

These things are still around?  I thought them replaced by ... more, er,  complicated looking devices.  Possums, or Rabbits, or something.  I remember the first time I saw one of these.  We were looking at new-fangled home answering machines at Hecht's.   There,  sitting on the glass counter were displayed a dozen or so, standing upright like toy soldiers. They weren't turned on,  lest they vibrate off the table,  like one of those electric football game pieces, I guess. Took me a minute.  Stopped me in my tracks.  

Despite the card calling it a "muscle relaxer," which I guess it is,  I recognized it for what it was.  I was embarrassed (srsly) that it was being sold in public, just as I was later when Tampax commercials were shown on television  (while the kids were watching).  God, that seems so long ago.  Mother Superior, then Sister Superior was with me, and had no idea what it was.  She doesn't have a mechanical mind.  When I told her she said "Oh stop!." 

Muscle relaxing was only 57¢ an inch then. 
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New Meaning for "Bully Pulpit"

Hitler's Mustache               

Giving new meaning to "bully pulpit"

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Res Ipsa Loquitur
Threat copy via Sondrakistan

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is being targeted by multiple death threats after President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party ignored his apology for controversial remarks and continued to single him out for rebuke. The assault has
Obama's Thug Nation
become so nakedly partisan and opportunistic that even HBO host Bill Maher--who recently donated $1 million to Obama's Super PAC--has called it a witch hunt with intimidation as its goal. [Breitbart]

There are indications that even the wacko left are realizing the threat Obama represents.  What will they do about it?  Nada.  If Obama started executing opponents today,  under a pretext of some internal security threat, they'd do nothing.  Until after the election.  Like the accommodation Franz von Papen, Alfred Hugenberg, and several industrialists and businessmen forced on Hindenburg, to make Hitler Chancellor ("We can control him."), Democrats first instincts are focused on keeping the government  in party hands.

Pertinent - Did threats silence media on Obama probe?
Is it true?  Maybe
 Does it comport with how Obama has reacted in the past?  Absolutely

A Fine, Cultured Cheese

Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Yum-Yum - It's Cultured