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Res Ipsa Loquitur

Total Commitment

                 Ann, Frank and Keyser Söze

My quintessential wronged man on a mission is James Caan as "Frank" in the 1981 movie "Thief."  When he's double crossed by the Chicago Mob, he decides to take them on.  To make sure of having the single minded commitment necessary, he tells his stunned wife their marriage is over. He has an associate drive her, their baby and $400,000 to someplace they can never be found, even by him.  Then he burns his house, his bar, and his used car lot.  Now, with truly nothing to lose, he sets off after his prey with a M1911A1 sidearm.   Keyser Söze similarly, if more dramatically,  cleared the decks before taking on some Hungarian mobsters.

I think this is where Ann Barnhardt is at. Having shuttered her brokerage business, because she felt the system was intolerably corrupt, she's been on a mission against—   well,  everything we here find repugnant in our country today.  People have taken notice.

.George Soros' operational gestapo and shakedown mafia, the Southern Poverty Law Center has officially listed little ol' me as a "hate group". Since it's just me around here, I have decided henceforth to use the "royal we" and refer to myself - er, excuse me, er, us - er, ourself with plural pronouns exclusively. Cause, you know, I'm a GROUP or something. [March 15, AD 2012 7:15 PM MST]

And this (March 14, AD 2012 11:09 PM MST)

.The Obama Regime has mandated that Americans MUST fund abortion by exactly one dollar per month. This is done by mandating that the service commodity of health insurance must be purchased as a condition of lawful residency in the United States.

Caesar Tyrannus Obama, I will not submit.

Attached as a separate surcharge to every health insurance policy that covers abortion (and TRUST that the regime will soon mandate abortion coverage - just as they have done with contraception, sterilization and abortifacients) will be an "abortion surcharge" of $1.00 per month, to be billed as a separate transaction from the rest of the premium. This abortion surcharge will apply to every policy, even if the sole policy holder is a man or the elderly. EVERYONE will be billed $1.00 per month SPECIFICALLY to fund abortion.

Caesar Tyrannus Obama, I will not submit.


Guys, this is establishing a mandate that everyone bend their knee and submit to Caesar Tyrannus Obama who demands worship in the form of child sacrifice. They are trying to make every single person turn their back on God and engage in communal child sacrifice.

It isn't enough that they lie, cheat and steal their way to billion-dollar personal estates. It isn't enough that they decide who lives and who dies. Even that isn't the endgame. No. They want to be God, they want to be worshiped as god, and they want to dictate the fates of men's immortal souls by forcing them to reject the One True God and join them with their master in hell.

Let there be no more hesitation or shyness about using the term "antichrist" with regards to the Obama regime. It is no longer debatable. We are dealing with an antichrist.

What are you going to do? Are you going to shrug your shoulders and pay your one dollar per month - your PINCH OF INCENSE - and then claim that you had no choice?


And that choice is?  Ann is intensely religious, so her instructions are framed by her faith, but they are clear.  The choice is to be willing  to lose everything before giving Obama that $1.  Which can only mean, near as I can surmise, refuse to file your income tax.  Like it or not, this is the single mindedness required to fight tyranny. My sense is that not many are willing to make that sacrifice, but later on, having lost everything anyway, will wish they had.

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Hoop Dream Teams


Number 12 on Forbe's List—
Number 1 in Our Hearts!

Res Ipsa Loquitur

This is strictly for hoops junkies, whom can prolly guess who the "winners" are.  Forbes also lists their Top College Basketball Teams For The Money.  When Gary Williams suddenly retired, my number one wish as his successor was Mark Few of Gonzaga.  Yes, they are on this list.  BTW, I am absolutely delighted with the Mark (Turdgeon) who did get the job,


Why is this woman single?
She doesn't want to be single.

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