Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It happend on his watch

Fun with what's his name ...
It happened on his watch

In Kind
Half Tip to Holy Water

Largest Jackpot



Performance artist Johan Lorbeer's looking down smiling, knowing he's driving me nuts.  After long and careful deliberation, I can find but two possibilities. 
  1. He doesn't look anything like Jesus, right? 
  2. That leaves us with the rollover.

Have something more plausable? 

World War Eleven

World War II          

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Last night I watched part one of a surprisingly good Military Channel documentary about dropping the first A-Bombs on Japan.  Towards the end, the late Col. Paul Tibbets (who flew the Enola Gay) made this disdainful comment about the school system.

"Our high schools know nothing of this history.  I was once introduced to  students as " a man who fought in world war eleven."

Sherlock Holmes

Rodge:  I've noticed that you always maintain an even keel, even while documenting the daily doings of that ratbastardmfcsObama and his ratbastardmfcstreasonous media allies?  How do you stay so cool, and sane? [Daily E-mail questions asking the same thing]

My "trick" is by now well known to the aficionado. 
  1. Watch very little Hollywood (that includes nightly news).
  2. Watch all Brit, or foreign language films on NetFlix instant
I know what you're saying,

"but Rodge, British actors are liberal asshats the same as 'merican."  

Prolly  more so.  But, I don't know it.  I have no  trouble suspending disbelief,  because I have no idea of  Brit actor politics - except the Top Gear crew (would be staunch teapartiers in the US). I know what you're saying,

"but Rodge, what is it you're watching now that allows you to escape the voices that demand that you nuke Washing DC, California and Maryland?"  

I'm glad you asked, because I stumbled upon the most delightfully fun series called The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Specifically the BBC series that ran for four years, so there are 37 episodes.  I wish there were 200 more.  It took me a few episodes to decide I liked it, but after 6 or seven I was hooked.  Viewer reviews on IMBD called it "One of the very best television series ever made."  I agree.

Full Episode

By the by, since I liked this series, NetFlix is forever suggesting other Sherlock stuff, including  1971's  They Might Be Giants.  Ever heard of it?  Me neither.

.Retired judge Justin Playfair (George C. Scott) has a most peculiar eccentricity: He believes he's Sherlock Holmes. Betrayed by his scheming brother and placed under the care of psychiatrist Dr. Mildred Watson (Joanne Woodward), "Holmes" searches Manhattan for his elusive nemesis, Moriarty. Life mirrors fiction as the pair are drawn into a world of danger and intrigue -- and an unlikely love.

    George C. Scott, Joanne Woodward, Jack Gilford, Rue McClanahan, Oliver Clark, Theresa Merritt, Lester Rawlins, Ron Weyand

 Joanne Woodward and George C. Scott hardly make me think comedy.  Sometimes while watching (I've been watching in bits and pieces for a week) I wonder that it actually is one.  Bada-Bing!   So, there is a reason then why I hadn't heard of it.  It is sort of fun for the kitsch— .  Only movie where Joanne Woodward gave me a semi.  I give it