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Oxnard teacher who allegedly appeared in porn movie is fired

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Everyone here knows I am not a prude, and I try not to be hypocritical,  but good!  He deserved to be fired.

It was not a bad thing when teachers were expected, at risk of their job and reputation, to avoid sexual misadventure and scandal.  Peforming in porn films is way over-the-top.   There is much evidence that points to damage Bill Clinton did to kid-culture by cavalierly excusing his oral sex with Lewinsky as "not having sex."  I read someplace last year that co-ed college dorms are making  porn movies for payments of $5-10 thousand dollars, depending on the number participating in explicit acts.   These porn festivals are often organized as charity fund raisers, and students face severe peer pressure to participate. Liquor and drugs are wheel greasers.  

I  know that horse is out of the barn, but that doesn't mean we surrender; stop trying to put it back.  Plus, who wants to see their male teacher having sex?  Ewwwwwwwww.

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TSA Union Strikes Again

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95-year-old A vet loses $300 during TSA pat-down

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Just one problem statism (police and nanny state) fosters are the idiots, nincompoops, sadists, morons and assholes who will invariably be turning the cranks.  TSA have been a godsend example of what to expect if this movement to nanny-statehood is not stopped. 

Omer Petti, a 95-year-old retired Air Force major, said he expected to set off metal detectors at San Diego International Airport. He and his 85-year-old travel companion have two replaced knees, a replaced hip and a pair of wheelchairs between them. What they didn't anticipate was being subjected to full-on "humiliating" TSA private-room pat-downs. "Do I look like a terrorist?" he asked.

Worst of all, the TSA agent made Petti empty his pockets, including a money-clipped $300, which had disappeared from the screening area by the time he was released. Petti has filed police reports and TSA paperwork but hasn't gotten any satisfactory answers -- or his money. "I think I was scammed," he said. [95-year-old Air Force vet loses $300 during TSA pat-down]

Palin and what story???

            —   CNN, you berks   

Res Ipsa Loquitur

I'm already uberly bored by Hookergate, but not the media who have somehow found a way to insuniate Sarah Palin into this storyline.  Can I say assholes here?

Gun Explosion

Tails of the Gun

The Gun Explosion

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res Ipsa Loquitur
I want to make sure the next generation of manufacturing isn’t taking root just in Asia or EuropeI want it taking root in factories in Detroit and Pittsburgh and Cleveland and California.…I want to reward companies that are investing here in the United States and creating jobs all throughout this country.  —That Obama person, February 2012

At least one component of the manufacturing sector is still making stuff in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, California, and thousands of other places in America, and making more of it than it had in decades.  The firearms industry, reports Greg Beato [The Gun Explosion], is cranking out iron at a record pace. 

His list of probable reasons do not include our increasing fear of government, or the hooliganism it's allowed to fester. Tsk. They do include  (under the unfortunate use of a "feminism" tag)  the increase in women gun owners. Women serving in the military being his big reason.  I'm not so sure that's  primary. My own wife surprised me some years ago with a request for a handgun.  She was driven by a raw instinct  for self-defense.  There are more women at the gun range than ever before, but only a few seem to be vets.  But, military experience is a factor, and for that, and myriad other reasons, we are I believe a lesser people for having chucked the (admittedly less efficient)  universal draft for an all volunteer army.