Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Weight Lifter

The Great Sansweenie

In the late '40s doing porn was out of the question, so Charles Olscweski (The Great Sansweenie) used his considerable asset, ahem, to become an illusionist/magician. He made stuff come out of a hat too. Or, so the legend goes.  Or, I made it up.

Dressing Up

Oh, I see ...
I guess the Swedes think that because they didn't own slaves they can do Negro stereotypes as they please.  Well, two can play that game.  Tit for rollover Tat you racist Swedish Swedes!

What Swedes Do

Osama and Olberdouche

bin (was) watchin'

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Today's fun includes Weasel Zipper's discovey, well reporting, that Osama bin-Laden "Lamented Olberdouche Being Fired By MSNBC…," and that "Keefey reportedly flattered."

my fav comment:
.Spurwing Plover says:

Bin Ladel watched the news? Hmmm wela that explanes a lot

Puppet Masters

Hitler's Mustache               

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Russia's Great Famine and Mr. Hoover


The little-known story of the American effort to relieve starvation in the new Soviet Russia in 1921, The Great Famine is a documentary about the worst natural disaster in Europe since the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. Five million Soviet citizens died. Half a world away, Americans responded with a massive two-year relief campaign, championed by Herbert Hoover, director of the American Relief Administration.

This is a 7 miinute clip - the full video here

My dad told me that Catholics were sort of happy when FDR beat Al Smith in 1932.  Had he won, the first Catholic president would have been remembered for the Great Depression.  Instead, Herbert Hoover,  who took office on March 4, 1929, and in eight months somehow caused the  money markets crash that sent the world into a depression, took the blame.  That's how the history was taught anyhow.

I watched American Experience: The Great Famine last night.  I have no remembrance of ever hearing this story before. It stands on its own as an example of how Lafayette's prediction that "some day America will save the world" was unfolding.  It's also maddening film to watch, but once started, watch it you will (watching on NetFlix is best). You'll perhaps catch some insight into why this story failed to achieve "taught American history" status.  It's called the the commie influence over the American media, and educrats, even then.  In any event, I think you'll be happy you watched.

As an aside, this review of Thinker, Traitor, Editor, Spy  (Michael Straight) is good insight into the New Republic Magazine, a Hoover agonist in the video.


Has the real Ann Coulter ...

Mexican Invaders
Return of the Prodigal Ann?

Res Ipsa Loquitur

... Our official policy is to turn away scientists in order to make room for illiterate Pakistani peasants who will drop out of high school to man coffee carts until deciding to plot a terrorist attack against the United States. That's this week's immigration poster boy, Najibullah Zazi.
For this we can thank the late, lamented [lamented?] Teddy Kennedy, who altered our immigration laws in 1965 to ensure massive immigration from the Third World while severely limiting the number of Europeans who could come here.

And that's legal immigration. When it comes to illegal immigration, Americans are in a sputtering rage about politicians' obtuse refusal to address the problem.


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Boxer Meme

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The Boxer Meme
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