Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Missionary

   At The Cinema                           

The Missionary

There's every reason why you may have missed The Missionary. For starters, it's British, and was made in 1982.  But look at this cast.
  • Michael Palin as The Reverend Charles Fortescue
  • Maggie Smith as Lady Isabel Ames
  • Trevor Howard as Lord Henry Ames
  • Denholm Elliott as The Bishop
Fortescue is a missionary returning from Africa after a ten year religious mission to wed his sweetheart who refuses to be touched. His new assignment is to minister to the prostitutes of London. The movie is played dead-pan, and it's more a series of skits than an in depth comedy period piece; and the ending is rather abrupt and unsatisfying.  So what,  it's all great fun.  The Ame's butler especially cracked me up.  I watched it on NetFlix instant.

Why a fraudulent Selective Service registration?

The Obamissariat
'Splain This Lucy

Fences and Carnival Rides

Today—  Good Fences Make For Good Neighbors, and
               A Woman Faints On a Carnival Ride


Mr. Transparency       
The Adventure Continues                                 

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Would you like to play a neat parlor game with your friends? 

Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate forgery contains so many forger's errors which are visible to the naked eye or which can be seen on your computer under slight magnification that you can play a fun game finding them, either alone or in a contest with your friends.  It's similar to the arcade game Whac-A-Mole, where you pound a mechanical mole back into its hole before it disappears on its own and randomly reappears in another one of the five holes in the game.

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Well, I guess that's the end of that ...  —

A Financial Times article, about Donald Trump's refusal to let the birther argument die, focuses on "the Republican establishment’s unease with Mr Trump’s involvement in the race,"  and cites "conservative commentator George Will called the billionaire a “bloviating ignoramus”.  And all this ...

...  despite Mr Obama’s decision last year to release his long-form birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii, an effort to put paid to any remaining speculation that he, like his father, was born in Kenya.


An intelligence source in Hawaii who warned early last year that a forged Obama birth record would be released now says that amid continued doubts about the authenticity of the document posted on the White House website, a forged “original” birth certificate intended to pass forensic inspection by using 1961 materials is being prepared and could be released as an “October surprise.

The Hawaii source said ink and paper from 1961 have been secured to create an “original” document that would correspond with the digital copy posted on the White House website. [WND]

UT Caves to Islamo Threats

                     Or Else

Res Ipsa Loquitur

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies at UT Austin was planning to publish the book in honor of the late American scholar Elizabeth Fernai, a professor there whose life and work were focused on the Middle East.

At first, novelist Huzama Habayeb was delighted to contribute as one of fifteen Arab writers. But that turned to “horror,” as a Gulf News editorial put it, when she realized that the collection would also feature two Israeli women...  Habayeb withdrew her manuscript, complaining to the Center that Israel is an “occupier” of her land “Palestine” – although she was born in Kuwait, raised in Jordan, lives in Dubai, and has never set foot in Israel

The university accepted her withdrawal but moved forward with plans to publish. Taken aback by this, Habayeb determined to ban the book altogether. She urged other Arab contributors to withdraw their manuscripts. A friend, Egyptian novelist Radwa Ashour who is married to a Palestinian poet, was the first to go along. Then others got onboard. [Texas University Cancels Book with Israeli Authors]

I believe this incident is symbolic of the threat Islam poses to any culture it manages to infest. A commenter summed it up nicely.

.Behind all last minute "back outs" by Muslims one will find C.A.I.R., the biggest enemy of free speech in America. They read them the riot act and "convince" Muslims to back out so that the book or the program never sees the light of day. All "truth" must come from the C.A.I.R. fiction machine. 

Keeping people in line using fear of  unpoken, but well understood threat of reprisal, works.  Think Hollywood.