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Res Ipsa Loquitor

Read My Lips

                      —   you berks.   

Res Ipsa Loquitor
Convicted Felon Bill Clinton

In a clear violation of the Camp David Accords, Egypt's new Islamofascist government is moving heavy weapons into the Sinai Desert, another worrying sign for Israelis already concerned with Iran's growing nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities.


Which is more important: some guy in Missouri saying something idiotic or the Syrian conflict spreading to neighboring countries?

Just wondering.

And isn't it just a bit hypocritical that a convicted, impeached pervert -- who actually admitted to molesting an intern and was accused of rape or molestation by Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Brodderick (to name but a few) -- is an honoree and keynote speaker at the Democrat National Convention?  [Doug Ross cont]

Say Amen. That Todd Akin's clumsy answer to a question has captured 100% of the media attention shows just how desperate they are for anything - ANYTHING - to draw attention away from Obama's bizarre behavior and crushing poll numbers. But then,  America are at war with them. so it is to be expected. 

Henry Blodget's Charts

                    Henry Blodget's Show of Shows

This is a quite impressive presentation of data by Henry Blodget, and  none of this is meant to attack that effort. But, people with an ideology, and in economics that's everybody, will have it leaking out in their produce.  Especially when they begin, "politics aside"  So who is this guy?

A respected economist and owner of Business Insider, Blodget also has a chair on Huffington Post where he writes stuff  with a political tone and tenor like " Are Wackos With Guns Just a Fact Of Life in America?," in case you're wondering.   He also had some jousts with the late Andrew Brietbart.  Still, his charts will (like the Bible) be used by anyone to prove  anything they  want to prove (ahem).  Almost none of them will have the foggiest idea of  it's underlying data.

 I already know which charts the Obama media will be using for the next 20 years, and so will you.  When I looked at these chrats all I saw was federal government - Godzilla- on steroids.  Massive growth of a machine which only function is to grow.  I liked this guy's comment, because I at least understand it.

this whole high tax/low tax, democrat/republican split is being fostered by the elites to keep americans occupied in endless debate while they further their plans for global domination

Depends - is the elephant blowing ot sucking?


Todays apt (maybe dual?) metaphor
Res Ipsa Loquitor

-or is it more than stupid?

Stupid is as stupid does .... or is it more than stupid?

Supposedly Biden has been banished from the campaign trail for making idiotic statements, but what about Obama?  "Knocks Romney for Not Releasing Medical Records, Hasn't Disclosed His Own?"  Is he daft? Look, Biden is stupid, really stupid, but Obama transcends stupidity.  This is more "in your face," pathology at work here.  Has to be.  The popular view is he's a narcissist whose world revolvers around only him.  But  a psychotherapist in Berkeley, whose nom de plume is Robin of Berkeley. thinks otherwise

Many people attribute Obama's oddness to his narcissism. True, Obama has a gargantuan ego, and he is notoriously thin-skinned.

Res Ipsa LoquitorYet a personality disorder like narcissism does not explain Obama's strangeness: his giggling while being asked about the economy; his continuing a shout-out rather than announcing the Ft. Hood shootings; or his vacations, golfing, partying and fundraising during the calamitous oil spill.

 Take also Obama's declaring on the "Today Show" that he wants to know whose ass to kick. Consummate narcissists would never stoop to this vulgar display of adolescent machismo.

Obama is flat when passion is needed; he's aggressive when savvy is required. What's most worrisome is that Obama doesn't even realize that his behavior is inappropriate.

So if it's not just simple narcissism, what is wrong with Obama? Since I've never evaluated him, I can't say for sure. But I can hazard some educated guesses.

Dr. Robin consders Asperger's Syndrome: "also known as high-functioning autism, Asperger's causes deficits in social skills. A person with Asperger's can't read social cues. Consequently, he can be insensitive and hurtful without even knowing it."

Robin also wonders about a family history of mental illness. 

Obama's family tree is replete with the unbalanced. His maternal great-grandmother committed suicide. His grandfather, Stanley Dunham, was particularly unhinged: He was expelled from high school for punching his principal; named his daughter Stanley because he wanted a boy; and exposed young Barry to not just drunken trash talk, but unrestricted visits with alleged pedophile Frank Marshall Davis (who might or might not be Obama's biological father). Barack Sr. was an abusive, alcoholic bigamist.
Since mental illness runs in the family, does Obama have any signs? Yes and no. No, he is not a schizophrenic babbling about Martians. But there are red flags for some other conditions.

One way or another, it's pretty certain that we gave the house key to an avowed Marxist who may also be an axe murderer.  JFC!

 The full Robin@Berkeley article (2010) "A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?" is still a very good read.

Illegals are Illegal. Duh.

Mexican Invaders                             

Let me reiterate.  I, and I think most people, will gladly welcome anyone who enters this country legally, and certainly Mexicans whose culture I love.  Well, the food anyway.  And the work ethic.  The rest,  not so much, being formed as it was in a corrupt state where theft and bribery in order to survive are a way of life.  Which is why, I guess, they see nothing wrong in disobeying our law. 

Pubic Hair War

Physician: ‘Hands Off That Pubic Hair’

You're probably thinking, as I did, that "oh gee,  here's another culture scandalmonger trying to stop the manufacture of  those very fashionable (and pricey) pubic hair coats."  But you'd be wrong. 
BELLINGHAM, Wash. (CBS Seattle) One doctor is calling for the end to the “war on pubic hair.”
Family physician Emily Gibson made headlines recently for her public assertion that modern women should shy away from the practice of bikini waxing – which she referred to as the “war on pubic hair” – as the practice increases risk of various infections.
“Pubic hair does have a purpose, providing cushion against friction that can cause skin abrasion and injury … [its] removal naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles left behind, leaving microscopic open wounds,” she noted.
The risk also extends to sexually transmitted diseases.

Said Gibson, “Some clinicians are finding that freshly shaved pubic areas and genitals are also more vulnerable to herpes infections due to the microscopic wounds being exposed to virus carried by mouth or genitals. It follows that there may be vulnerability to spread of other [sexually transmitted infections] as well.”
Hair removal in the United States grosses $2.1B a year, which minus the cost of duct tape, is pure profit.  The Dr. does make a legitimate point about why women are born with this protection against infection (why men too?  Beats me), but I imagine a bad economy will work its magic and restore order.
Res Ipsa Loquitor

*Very NSFW, but Lorraine Braco was harvested for this creation.

Stephanie Cutter was right

Greg Gutfeld: Stephanie Cutter was right, there’s ‘no difference between the news press and the entertainment press’

Augusta National Goes Pussified

This Society and Nation Are Already Crumbling Ann*

Nice Lay (Lie?)
Rollover- Best Golf Picture Ever

"Augusta National Golf Club, has accepted its first female members. The club announced Monday that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and businesswoman Darla Moore have accepted offers of membership — becoming the club’s first women members — after years of criticism for the club’s all-male membership."

At least Darla Moore wasn't called Ms. Rice's "companion."  Will other gender exclusive institutions fall next? Like Curves, a national fitness chain that only accepts women members? (DC)

This Society and Nation Cannot Survive

This Society and Nation Cannot Survive

Posted by Ann Barnhardt - August 20, AD 2012 8:16 PM MST

First, read this quote from John Adams a minimum of five times or until you COMPREHEND what he is saying. Don't just phonetically sound-out the words. COMPREHEND WHAT YOU READ:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
-John Adams

Now that you have that, watch this video. THIS IS NOT SATIRE. This is completely, 100% real.

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A Man Calls For Help

What I See
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CNN crew. Then I came along and saved him