Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh My

Hard Rock - Uncensored

Hard Rock - Uncensored Version - I Am America
 These 3 Remain
June Taylor Dancers
Here's an Anti-Obama music video by a band called These 3 Remain. It’s only been up for a couple days and it’s already starting to cause quite a stir.

I think the readers of your blog would probably be interested in seeing it.

Please take a look and if you like it, do you think you could post it on your blog?

Barry Nicholson

The band kicks in at about the 1 minute mark - if the kids are still sleeping, lower the volume.

Buncha Hairy Supporters


My Batman  Casca seems intent on sending me his entire beefcake collection, not that there's anything wrong with having one.  Ahem. 

Sarah Palin- King Maker II

Don't Go Akin My Heart

This video was made earlier in the month, but  it's more intersting today.  Particularly in light of recent developments, like her choice Sarah Steelman being edged by some guy named Akin in MO.  Ahem. And, unless she's the "mystery speaker," the GOP will have come a crapper once again.

Aside:  Akin is getting the full Dan Quayle treatemnt from the media, but is still 100% better than Claire McCaskell—who will vote for Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader if she's reelected.

Big Brother Cams

Police State Culture

UK License Plate Cameras Have "Gaps In Coverage"

UK police are sad that despite having the most comprehensive driver surveillance system of any developed country, there are still gaps in their coverage. From the article: 'The cameras automatically record plate/time/location information and send it to a central data store, which has complete nationwide records for 6 years.' Also interesting is that an unspecified 'particular driving style' can be used to evade detection by the cameras. It appears, however, that criminals are well aware of the cameras and take other routes. Big Brother technology, coming soon to a country near you!"


I will bet a sizable amount of my own money that this is also the case in the US.

Rachel Corrie STFU Already

                      —   you berk   

                               The Hammer Drops (Finally)
Court Rules Israel Wasn’t at Fault in U.S. Moron Corrie's Death

Res Ipsa Loquitor

HAIFA, Israel — An Israeli judge ruled on Tuesday that the state bore no responsibility for the death of Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who was run over by a military bulldozer in 2003 as she protested housing demolitions in the Gaza Strip.

What a Farce
   The lengthy verdict in the civil case, read to a courtroom packed with supporters of Ms. Corrie’s family here, called the death an accident that occurred during “a military activity meant to prevent terrorist activity.”

“She chose to put herself in danger,” said the judge, Oded Gershon. “She could have easily distanced herself from the danger like any reasonable person would.”

Since her death, Ms. Corrie has become an international symbol of the ignorant,  pasty-faced
leftist American True-Believer.

  A play based on her writings has been performed in 10 countries, and a ship in an aid flotilla to Gaza bore her name. Numerous books and documentaries have told of how Ms. Corrie, a 23-year-old student, stood in an orange vest with a bullhorn between a bulldozer and the home of a Palestinian family in March 2003, and was crushed like an overripe casaba melon. 

Who knew this was still going on?  Sheesh.

Square Calligraphy

Square Calligraphy Classroom 英文方块字书法入门
a fusion of written English and written Chinese.


Kill Mitt Romney & Other Pleasantries

                                                          Provoking Racial Unrest

Res Ipsa Loquitor