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In the great tradirion of CBS News

Most Trusted Man in America *cough*

Baby Having Baby; Eating People & Tyranny

Three Things I Wouldn't Have Seen 30 Years Ago.
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Confidentiality rules vs. union ambitions: “A new rule that the Obama administration is trying to enact in Washington would require employers to report all contracts with lawyers or consulting firms involved in labor relations — including how much they’re being paid — regardless of what kind of work they’re doing for a particular client.” [Daniel Fisher, Forbes]


"Obama ‘Towering Figure’ on Foreign Policy" - LOL

People being ridiculous and saying stupid stuff
Van Jones: Obama ‘Towering Figure’ on Foreign Policy

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Rampant Crime Time

Democrat or Bubonic

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SAN FRANCISCO –  In this tech-savvy city teeming with commuters and tourists, the cell phone has become a top target of robbers who use stealth, force and sometimes guns.

"Someone once asked me, “How is it that you can't shoot a criminal 200 meters away, but police don’t do anything to stop them?”. SHTF, whatever type of crisis it may be, isn’t fair. It will be absolutely unfair." (Thoughts-on-survival.html)

Nearly half of all robberies in San Francisco this year are cell phone-related, police say, and most occur on bustling transit lines.

One thief recently snatched a smartphone while sitting right behind his unsuspecting victim and darted out the rear of a bus in mere seconds.

Another robber grabbed an iPhone from an oblivious bus rider -- while she was still talking.[Full]

We live in a relatively crime free community, but just this week 5 homes were invaded, both day and night, including one instance where they entered a room where a woman was sleeping (perps ran when she screamed).

The last time we saw such behavior was in the Carter years,  when silver was selling for a million dollars an ounce (after the market was cornered by the Hunts). and the economy had been, well, Cartered.  This time I fear things will be worse.  Because the people we've allowed into this country are worse.  Get used to more of this sort of thing.  And for God's sake, get armed!

Campaign Shenanigans

Campaign Shenanigans
Rollover for - you know.

When it comes to vitiating the election process,  releasing Early Voting numbers (Early voting- 3 weeks before election day?!?) is almost as bad as the Democrat candidate who displays her lovely, bare nippled ta-tas. Way unfair. 

Fluke You!


This headline in The Reno Gazette-Journal caught my eye:

    Fluke Takes Center Stage In Reno

Which sounds kind of a big deal: I mean, the cliché “center stage” implies you’re the star, the center of attention, the one everyone’s there to see. And sure enough, in the picture underneath, standing in front of an Obama-Biden banner, there she was:

    Sandra Fluke, a social justice advocate and campaign surrogate for Democratic President Barack Obama, speaks in Reno on Saturday.

And then I read the first sentence:

    "Sandra Fluke, the woman at the center of a media firestorm earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh called her a 'slut,' spoke Saturday in front of about 10 people at the Sak ‘N Save in north Reno."

Ten people? Does that include the reporter? How small a crowd do you have to draw not to get covered by The Reno Gazette-Journal?

Here’s the second sentence:

It's no fluke that Democrats have so badly miscalculated with bimbo Fluke (see the ridiculous "binder" thing).  Dems are the children of protective parents who do their homework, and fight battles for them When faced with a monitored test, they can often scarcely spell their names.

Everyday, there's more


Obama campaign accepted foreign Web donation -- and may be (LOL) hiding more 

Juggling Insanity

The Juggler's Vein

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Do Women Know About Shrinkage?
"Liberalism's Shrinking Agenda"--headline, Washington Post, Oct. 19

Longest Books Ever Written

Shortest Books Ever Written
"Why Newsweek Used to Be Cool"--headline,, Oct. 18

Via James Toranto.  In he same post he delves into the Orwllian minds of  Liberal racemongers [Questions Only Racists Would Ask ].

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