Monday, November 05, 2012

Obama Ends Campaign in Half-Empty Arena

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Genital Yoga Exercises

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I paused a DVR movie and this was running live on my cable.  I capped it.

As seen on"ELLEN" 11-5-2012
This is what I saw

Rove's Map; Rove's Prediction




Res Ipsa Loquitor

Rove was on Hannity and he said that he predicts that Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Wisconsin, Colorado, NH and others would go Romney. He said some of the polling data shows better than his map but he had to go with what he had at the time. He said Romney will win... the margin is a question but he is CONFIDENT in a Romney win. Michael Barone is more confident now than ever... Stuart Varney is also confident in what insiders are sharing with him.Obama is going down... just like when he and Reggie Love are together. [Freep]

  It appears the media are pulling out all stopstrying to put a brave face on this; hoping that their optimism will encourage the base (America's Looter class) and stave off an absolute disaster for their client. Reminds me a lot of 1980 where polls showed Carter ahead of Reagan on election eve.  



Everything -- Except the Polls --




Everything -- Except the Polls -- Points to a Romney Landslide

Res Ipsa Loquitor


RUSH:  Well, the Drive-Bys are all excited because Romney has announced he's going back to Ohio tomorrow.  On Election Day, Romney is going to Ohio, and the Drive-Bys are trying to interpret that as meaning it's slipping away.  Romney has to head back into Ohio on Election Day because it's slipping away.  The Drive-Bys are all excited by their own polling data.

But then I go back to: "Why would CNN put a poll out...? If it's that easy to figure out this poll is wrong, why would they do it?" Well, the answer is: "Well, they're in the tank for Obama and they want to do anything they can to help."

... You know, common sense tells me this election isn't gonna be close and shouldn't be.  And yet every poll, every single poll, has this race tied.  Obama's up one, down one, tied, doesn't matter where you go, 'til you get into the internals, then it gets really confusing or it doesn't make any sense.

I'm just gonna be honest with you, for the longest time -- and you people that have been regular listeners know this.  I have said that as we get down to the election, the polls are gonna reflect what's really gonna happen because the pollsters want to get it right for the future.  That has not happened.  It has not happened.  There's not one poll that gives either candidate an edge, not one pollster is willing to stick his neck out here.  They're all saying that this is tied, every which way from Sunday, at least in the overall popular vote, national surveys.  Now, when you get into the internals it looks a little odd, and we're gonna do that here at the beginning.

Now, for example, let's look at the latest CNN poll, the final CNN national poll.  It has the race tied at 49.  By the way, in none of these national polls is Barack Obama at 50, and they keep telling us, they've told us for decades, for years, for months, for weeks, that an incumbent who doesn't get to 50 is in big trouble, and that traditionally has been true.  Here are the internals of the CNN poll.  The sample is Democrat plus 11.  The Democrat turnout margin in 2008 was plus seven.  They're saying it's going to be plus 11 Democrats tomorrow in this poll.  In 2004 and 2010, it was even, the Democrats and Republicans were evenly split.  In addition to all of this, in addition to a Democrat sample of plus 11, Romney is up 22 points with independents.
In 2000 ...  I said the race was either Gore plus one or two or it was tied, Gore-Bush. I said, "Paula, I just don't believe the polls. I don't think these polls are anywhere near accurate." Well they were, as we all know. They were. In fact, Gore won the popular vote in 2000. So I'm a little reticent to just reject these polls. I've been bitten once doing that. But still, you know, all of my thinking says Romney big.

I so profoundly disagree with that but simply in common sense, not scientifically.  I'm not a pollster, I'm just a common sense observer.  I look at what caused the massive 2010 Republican turnout and then I ask myself, has anything changed since 2010?  Yeah, it's gotten worse.  The enthusiasm that got people out in 2010 I'm seeing at every Mitt Romney rally.  ...
... Romney's drawing crowds of 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 15,000.  The enthusiasm that we all saw in 2010 is there.  The same issues that existed in 2010 exist today.  There hasn't been anything that's gotten better.


RUSH: Now, in this CNN poll, one other thing about it. You have to go down to the 29th page of the PDF file to find their methodology. That Democrat-plus-11 sample? It's page 29 on the CNN release. In other words, they don't expect anybody to get anywhere near discovering that that is their sample in their poll. [Full transcript - do read the whole thing]

I'm feeling the same way.  I can't think of a time where I felt so in the mainstream of American "feeling"  as I do now ( I'm citing just two- 1980, and 2010) , and was wrong about the election.  Still, any nation capable of reelecting Bill Clinton, or electing an unknown leftist like Obama, is capable of anything.  I am still confident, but this helped.


Media Chaff Dreams

"The media are rooting for Barack Obama.
 They’re not hiding it."

By tomorrow night we’ll likely know the name of the next president. But we already know the loser in this election cycle: political reporters. They’ve disgraced themselves. Conservatives have long complained about liberal bias in the media, and with some justification. But it has finally reached the tipping point. Not in our lifetimes have so many in the press dropped the pretense of objectivity in order to help a political candidate. The media are rooting for Barack Obama. They’re not hiding it.

Consider Benghazi. An American consulate is destroyed and a US ambassador murdered at a time when the president is boasting at every campaign stop that he has crushed al-Qaida. In an effort not to disrupt this narrative, the White House and the Obama campaign spend weeks claiming the incident was merely a protest over a video, rather than a real terror attack. Then intelligence surfaces showing just the opposite: The killers in Benghazi were no street mob, and Obama knew as much from the beginning.

Imagine if George W. Bush, or even Bill Clinton, had tried something like this during a re-election campaign. The howls from journalists would have been deafening, and unceasing. Instead, Obama has enjoyed every benefit of every doubt from the press every step of the way. Candy Crowley even broke character in the middle of a presidential debate to defend him. From their retirement, former presidents must be looking on in envious bewilderment. [Via Daily Caller]

Posting this is merely an indulgence.   A lottery ticket,  and a day or so to imagine the media being culled by a Goliath wheat harvesting machine.  Real change can only come with my ascension to Dear Leader status. Sigh.

60 Years

From Ike to What's-His-Name

Linda McMahon - RINO C_NT


"Republican Linda McMahon is encouraging Connecticut residents to vote for President Barack Obama, as long as they also vote for her. The McMahon campaign is leaving door-hangers at the houses of Connecticut voters portraying the Republican Senate candidate and the Democratic president as a pair who 'will fight for us.' 'Vote Barack Obama for President and vote Linda McMahon for Senate,' say the door-hangers, which were first reported by Talking Points Memo. The text is accompanied by a picture of Obama and a picture of McMahon."
Going rogue

When Mr. X Speaks - nobody listened

Obama Senior: "You're A Political Chump!"

Tell me, does Obama look like this guy, ot Mr. X?

But Republicans supported every piece of civil rights legislation ever in the history of the US. It was Democrats (like LBJ) who prevented civil rights legislation from happening.

If blacks had continued to vote for Republicans instead of switching to vote Democrat after FDR (and southern blacks did continue to vote Republican -- MLK, Jr was a Republican), maybe there would have been more progress prior to 1964.

Gen. James Hooker

The Duelists

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Ben Smith tweeted...

"The president's going to win thanks to a woman named Sandy"

Last night, Marist University’s latest polling was released from NBC and the Wall Street Journal. And as predictable as my dog wanting to go a walk after dinner, they delivered polls for Obama that not only defy logic, but even beat the results from some Democrat-leaning pollsters.

Obama seeks votes as complaints mount over storm response...



Clearly, Democrat Fraud

Democrats Sue to Extend Florida’s Early Voting
Early voting extended in Florida

Res Ipsa Loquitor

The NAACP has taken over a Houston, TX, polling place by force ...

Does anyone know what the rationale was (and is)  for early voting in the first place?  I can only surmise that manipulating the vote in the absence of prying eyes works for them, and it was through Democrat Party initiative that it was introduced.  Because whatever it was/is, this pretty clearly demonstrates that Democrats are most anxious that early vote is  milked like an Ethiopian cow during famine. Here's what Owly the Wise Owl says:

  1. There is no reason for early voting
  2. Absentee balloting should, like it used to be, require  a valid reason; and if work related must be accompanied by a letter from the employer verifying out of state travel. (Anyone remember those days?)
  3. A driver's license or photo ID MUST be produced before being allowed to cast a ballot.
  4. Anyone objecting to any of this may be assumed to be an election saboteur, and may be shot on the spot.  It's what George Washington would have wanted. I'm not kidding.

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The Senior Prom

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