Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Police State Culture

The first story I saw about this a few days ago only stated that Denise Helms levied her "assassination" question   on her "private" Facebook page  Which means that someone she trusted took a  screen cap and dropped a dime on her. 

 The original account failed to mention that she had  referred to him as a "nigger."  That in itself is not unlawful, but it does profile her as being of low class.  Still, when you're being tail-gated and bumper tagged by some a-hole on the freeway, and you're life is in danger, many of us will utter a personalized oath, like, "WTF are you doing you stupid  Beamer?"  Or "You stupid Turban head!"   But racist?  JFC, this is the most racist regime in American history. Ever.  The word has lost half of its meaning and all of its punch.

Now, that she wondered aloud that this very unpopular (ahem) President might "maybe" be assassinated sometime in the next four years was nothing more than idle chatter; a comment about current events.  Hell, I'm actually pretty surprised that nobody got off an actual attempt over the past four years.  It says much about our (real American's) maturity as a nation—and his SS body guards' competency.  And Hell, I sure don't want him assassinated.  Are you kidding?  And get President Biden?  And a bunch of schools, airports and freeways named Obama ___ ?  Yikes.  Now, if Obama and Biden committed sepaku together in contrition for ruining our country, I can't say I'd be grieving for very long.  Especially if someone besides Boner was  House Speaker.   Since that will not happen however, I'm rooting for secession.

The Odds the Obama was Legitmately elected? 92-1

Res Ipsa Loquitor

During Mark McGwire’s record setting 70 home run season of 1998, it was easy to see something was wrong. His prior season high record was 49 in his rookie year at age 23, whereafter he hit 32, 33, 39, 22, 42 (at age 28), 9, 9, 39 (at age 31), 52 (at age 32), 58 (at age 33), and 70 at age 34. He then hit 65, 35, and 32 home runs at age 35, 36, and 37 respectively. Never in the history of Baseball had players exceeded their 20 s highs by 43%. Indeed, a ball player’s peak years are ages 24-28, and thereafter decline is fairly rapid and steep. Unless they use steroids.

Creating the 4 million votes needed would have been more expensive, old school ways generally are. But consider that 4 million times $25 would amount to $100 million, and $50 million a vote would amount to $200 million, that’s definitely not a stretch for a campaign that raised over $1 billion.

The same is true for Obama. Sure, I’d believe a very heavy, Black/Hispanic turnout could give him a victory over Romney. But …
  • Record Romney crowds and a quarter of the people attending Obama’s rallies in the same places as four years ago?
  • Or polls showing a slight Romney lead in both swing states and nationally, with a Democrat plus six weighting?
  • When 2010 had basically even party turnout?
  • Or Obama being the first President EVER re-elected with a lower turnout and percentage of the vote than his election?
  • Or Obama being the first Democrat elected with a lower turnout (nearly 20 million fewer voters) than the prior election?
  • Or Obama being the first President re-elected with unemployment over 7% since FDR?
  • Or Obama winning re-election with only 38% of White voters, down from 43% in 2008, in a 75% White turn-out (remember lower turnouts are more White).
Or Obama getting 303 electoral votes … but the Republicans holding onto the House?
Or Romney doing better than McCain in every demo group but Hispanics, and there doing only 2% worse, while Hispanic turnout was LOWER than in 2008?

That’s like asking me to believe that McGwire hit his record home runs clean.

So what were Obama’s steroids? [Obama Balco - Full Article]

Somebody in an earlier post questioning the efficacy of this election commented "Poor Loser."  Which is what the Baltimore Sun and MD Democrats cried in unison when  Ellen Sauerbray petitioned her mugging by the simple expedient of— in-a-flash! finding enough "new ballots" to steal her Governorship.   In Minnesota, it doesn't matter that a few hundred Dems have been jailed for voter fraud; Al Franken is still "Senator Al Franken". 

I don't the  Blue Machine even worry about being caught anymore. They understand that, like in football,  once the ball is snapped, the previous play is non-reviewable.  For them, snapping the ball means media acceptance of an election result, without question.  In-a-flash!

Tailgunner Dick

The Adviser

1000 Words

Them Cheating Bees


Res Ipsa Loquitor

MoSup found herself in a waiting-room conversation with another women yesterday.  The talk turned to honey.  Since one of our son's had a roof-top honey farm, and one of her good friends also, she was very interested that this lady was into it big time..  She has several rooftop honey farms in Baltimore city, and told of a recent "honey tasting"  her group of fellow aficionados held.

Like wine tastings, these experts bring a sample of their current produce,  and the group taste, comment and score each in turn'   The last  bottle contained a honey very dark brown in color.  None present had ever seen honey this color before,  and wondered what kind of nectar could yield it?   She explained this in such a fashion that MoSup wondered aloud whether there might be such a thing as horse apple honey?  The lady laughed and admitted that she found herself thinking along a similar line.  After tasting, the mystery only  grew.  This honey was almost too sweet for the tongue, and had the flavor and consistency of a dark caramel.  Finally the gentleman what brung it explained.

"It seems," he told them, "that my bees have been a bit naughty." 

After observing them closely, he discovered that they had found a way into the nearby Domino Sugar plant. 

Secessionist Talk=USA USA USA

Sometimes there's so little going on that, why blog?  Other times, there's so much that it's "where to begin?"  Like lately.  Anyway, that the secessionist movement is getting a front page headline from the nation's most influential news aggregator is heartening.  I did expect  giggles from the Maryland "effort," and was not disappointed. This state needs to be expelled.*

Of course, one does not ask the President for permission to secede, but one does use these public petitions to create groundswells of support so that state government, who have the power to vote secession, will;.

 Anyway, as the father of the modern secessionist movement, I give credit where credit is due.  Here, for the first time, my  secret unobtainium - secession dust.  Use judiciously, but often. 

*And remember, a vote for secession  is actually a vote to expel hardcore Obamunist states. Even Lincoln would approve this time.   USA UAS USA

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