Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jackson 5 and Hallelujah

Two Funs

As seen

Gun Manuals

Tails of the Gun  

Mail Call

I get two or three letters a week along this line:


When I was in boot camp at Parris Island
in 1961, I remember the gunny saying "there's this guy what knows everything there is to know about damned near every rifle, hand or BB gun ever made.  Taught me and every other Gunny in the Corpse (Obama sp LOL) everything we know. Sumbitch is the Real King of France, but he ain't no pussy.

Is that you? Damned if I didn't lose the operating manual for my Thompson Tommy Gun Full Auto (1926), and thought of you.  Can you help me? 

Lee Ermey

Res Ipsa LoquitorDamned straight Lee; my pleasure.  Look here.

Forwarded by Mailman Mauck

A Prodigious Prodigy

Oh My