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            Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Boy Named Sue?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Radical Networks ... .":

I know I'm late jumping in on this but thanks for sharing my article on Al Jazeera and IB. I have more info on IB at my site if interested (the link you posted here has changed) to this - http://wp.me/2Udph Also composing a massive list of schools involved in liberal indoctrination. The IB schools, several hundred of them, are still being added to the list. Purge - definitely! We need to formulate a plan and people need to get active in their states... know which candidates will fight this with us and vote them in!

I have to review comments made to posts older than three days, so I saw this.   Of course my first thought was—based on the blog header— "Hey, a boy named Sue!  This guy grew up tough!"   I've got a hunch however,  that Danette is just one real tough girl with a dad named Dan?"  At any rate, here's Danette's latest post.

U.S. State Department and Department of Education Give Islamic Terrorists Access to Your Children


            A Girl Named Sue? Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 1/22/2013 01:07:00 PM | PERMALINK Back Link (1) | Send This Post | HOME


Writing in Righteous Indignation, Breitbart noted that, “the left doesn’t win its battles in debate. It doesn’t have to. In the 21st century, media is everything. The left wins because it controls the narrative. The narrative is controlled by the media. The left is the media and narrative is everything.”
It may just be because my county is 85% Republican, but when my boy went into the IB program in High School, I was bracing for a load of liberal hooey. It just didn't happen in his case.

They worked him hard and he came out with 1.5years of college credit and his own realization that the libs are nuts. He's now getting ready to graduate college.

Of course things may have changed since Barry took over...
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