Monday, January 28, 2013


Make yur own ..

This oughta give the  Feinsteins shit hemorrhages—and new windmills to tilt at. . 
Tom Smith


Anonymous said...

How to build an AR-15:

How to assemble an AR-15:

Knowledge is good. (Faber College)

Anonymous said...

Building an AR-15 or AK-47 is fairly easy, I've seen the pictures of one built out of a shovel. The kicker is that it's REALLY hard to make the magazines so they work correctly. The angles and curves on the lips have to be just so or it won't feed properly. Darn, sounds almost like a woman, fickle as hell.

Helly said...

Anonymous^ gives us the next Viagra marketing campaign: When your penis absolutely positively has to work better than a homemade AK-47 magazine.

Well, well, well, Rodge. Isn't that an interesting DIY project. I've been looking for an excuse to ship my Powermatic drill press down to Florida.

DougM said...

Love it!
Dang, wish I'd known about this jig when I was goin' to gunsmithing school.
It would have made a great free-time project.
Hey, a feller can always use another AR to cache.
Oh, wait … anybody have a shovel for sale? I need an AK.

lip said...

Not all that worried. I learned to make great functional ied's from the army. Me and my kin will do just fine.

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