Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Greyhound Updated

\Keeping Pace With Society

As seen in Newsweek
2013 Rollover


leelu said...

Never saw anyone dressed like those two ladies when I too the bus.

Jess said...

If the woman on the left was twenty years older, drunk and falling into the aisle, I'd say she reminds me of a woman on a long bus ride I once enjoyed.

Dr Weevil said...

You might want to rephrase your comment, Jess. I think you meant that you 'enjoyed' the long bus ride, but it could just as easily be read as saying that you 'enjoyed' the woman, possibly during the bus ride.

Jess said...

Watching the woman was the only enjoyment on the entire 8 hour bus ride. She'd nod off, start leaning into the aisle and people would quickly push her back into her seat, so she wouldn't fall completely to the floor. She'd apologize, and the bus would be filled with her alcohol breath.

I was fifteen, never been on a bus and realized I'd rather never ride one again.

I could write a few long paragraphs about changing bus lines in downtown Houston after dark. The three block walk was enlightening, to say the least.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Holy crap! The "Dr Weevil?" The last I heard from you (2003?) you were teaching Latin at some prep school. What up?

Anonymous said...

Yes, going from Greyhound to the Co'ntinental bus station in late night or early morning downtown Houston was exciting. I did it at age 23 in 1973 or so. I'll bet it was exciting at 15. I was trying to remember how I got directions from one to the other. I remember being happy to see an HPD patrol car, and that was something during the Herman Short era. They were effective but you did not want to attract their attention, if you were young. The bus ride itself I enjoyed, got to see every small town in Southern La., and those bus drivers were neat to watch in action. Smooth and fast.

Jess said...

At that time, a smartass remark, or being combative led to a long elevator ride to the jail on the top floor. I never enjoyed the trip, but had a friend that did.

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