Tuesday, January 08, 2013

If it's Philadelphia, there must be union thugs about

What I See                               

Res Ipsa Loquitor

International Brotherhood of Pipe Swingers  president Tony Siciliano (back to camera) sets a pick on high school marathon runner Debbie Marie Reilly.  The ploy worked, allowing union member Jerry "Piccolo" Szatkowski to deliver a timely backhand— and win the race by a scant.0001/second. 


Anonymous said...

This made me crack up.

Rodger...I love you deeply.

Anonymous said...

I see he's wearing the requisite kneepads.


Anonymous said...

I prefer "International Brotherhood of Pole-Smokers."

Has a better ring to it and is closer to the truth.

But it would not fit with what's happening in the picture. Too bad.

toadold said...

"Two members of the local Pole Swingers Union were reported hospitalized and in critical condition. "Bam,Bam" Rieley, a suspected enforcer for organized crime, was interviewed but he produced witnesses that proved he was out of down at the time of incident involving the union members."

DougM said...

I did some research on the pic,
and it shows Douglasio "Wrong Way" Corrigano, aka "Backwards Guy", finishing a 10-K race and doing his trademark "jazz hands."
Originally, I thought it might be a photo documenting a false start for a return leg in a relay race, but that would be just silly.

Chris in NC said...

Just screen capped and put on my facebook wall. Thanks for the laugh!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Anonymous - hoping you don't have a penis.

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