Monday, January 21, 2013

Mr. Jefferson votes "aye"

Obama—finally—says something the founders would agree with
"Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action"
Aye Aye Sir


Snackeater said...

When 0bama says "collective action" I think he means collecting all guns. Or collecting more taxes.

JerseyGirl Angie said...

The first thing I thought of were the Soviet Collective Farms, which were so instrumental in promoting crop failures .

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Uncle Joe's collective in the Five Year Plan...funny how President Choom would use that Frank Marshall Davis learned word.

L/Cpl First Class Slack

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is there an over abundance of obummer cock sucking going on? I mean, do we have to see this clown on the Weather Channel? WHY????? I turn it off whenever I see his ugly puss any more. Does anybody else do likewise?


Anonymous said...

Bolivar, if he's making noises from his pie hole, I mute or leave the room. Ditto if he's being talked about. Boortz last show purposefully had zero mention of Zero, and it was to be bleeped if one leaked out. I'm with him on that one.
Reason? Simple.
It seems to me that he has not been able to tell the truth on any occasion since his inauguration, and actually for some months before that - back in 2008. 2012 was just a re-hash of that, with zero truth content. Who needs to waste time listening to noise that irritates, and if you perchance decode the words you are hearing, know that there is NO grain of truth in any of it? I don't. Kinda like teaching the pig to dance, and lipstick and all that. Irritates the pig, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just why would anyone want to teach Pelosi to dance???

2 left feet x

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