Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh that poor thing ...

 What You Saw                             

What I SEE

You'd have to be a pretty black-hearted canker blossom not to feel badly for this young lady's obvious plight.  Unless?  Unless what?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

This erstwhile Manhattan bride left her betrothed at the altar after she heard him expressing to his groomsmen an  admiration for Sarah Palin, and questioning Obama's dubious citizenship.


Anonymous said...

Don't cry, sweetie. You can use all that fabric to make a nice BURKA for yourself in Manhattanstan.

Anonymous said...

Boy, he must have had some "attributes" that blinded her from seeing that he is a real man rather than another kool-aid drinker, because surely they had more than one date before heading to the altar. Then again, that's how obama was elected, except for the "real man" part. -- Skyhawker, Doug

DougM said...

Well, either that, or she discovered that marriages performed by the conductor were only good for the duration of the trip.

Jess said...

I bet Sarah Palin wouldn't drag the bottom of her gown all over the nasty floors of the subway.

Anonymous said... if the seats on a Manhattan subway car looked even remotely as nice as those...


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