Monday, January 21, 2013

Pot Pie Remark


So I tried them.  Not bad.  Great little things.  But the veggies made the kids cringe.  What to do?  In the picture, you'll see 2 stacked on each other and a few on the side of the picture not stacked.  The stacked ones are the recipe as written.  The others, I pureed the heck out of the veggies and mixed them in.  No veggies, no fuss.  Kids ate veggies and didn't even know it! 
Thanks for the recipe!


Merrily said...

Sooo, it's child abuse to say, "Listen, precious, veggies are a necessary evil like bedtime, school, and, apparently, Marxist presidents. So eat them now or no dessert."??? You went to all the trouble to screw up a perfectly good recipe instead of just having the kids do something beneficial for them? What else do your kids decide for themselves? UG.

Chris in NC said...

Actually Merrily, it didn't screw anything up. The flavor was just as good in the second batch and they disappeared faster than an anti-Clinton witness. As for trouble, 30 seconds in a blender is hardly trouble. I found out this weekend that it works in taco meat too.

Merrily said...

Sorry, Chris. You missed my point.

Chris in NC said...

Nah, I got your point. You were telling me that you think I'm a crappy parent. Which is fine.

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