Wednesday, January 23, 2013

STFU Hillary

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Pure Billshit

How wonderful if some Republican Senator had said (condescendingly): "Mrs Clinton, would you like to take a few minutes to regain your composure?"   Would have sent her through the roof.

Earlier, like in 1993 when she was forced to explain her cattle futures "magic," she was like a deer in the headlights.  This is pure Bill Clinton "outrage' tactic—trust me here— learned from Bill, who always, when faced with an unpleasant truth in public will express violent outrage.  .


Anonymous said...

She is such an amazingly incompetent, snarky bitch. Always has been and always will be. And, jeez, she's already god-awful, damn ugly - does she have to enhance it all with those stupid, clunky glasses. Go to hell, you shrill bitch.

Anonymous said...

The question I wanted to hear was, "Madame Secretary, are you saying that if Congress had approved the funding, instead of 4 security personnel, we would have had 8 or 9 guards billeted on the other side of town and ordered to stand down?"

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing thought is that she is held in such high regard by so many {empty headed}voters. The only accomplishment of hers that comes to mind is being married to the serial abuser of women, and remaining so after his publicized naughties. On her own, she fracked 'universal health care' in '92, did nothing of note as Senator, and herded the State Dept into assisting MENA turning into a hotbed of revolution and civil war.
She is actually so stupid as to believe "it doesn't matter now..." what she did or didn't do. Except for the fact that people were killed because of her ineptitude, and that of the people she placed or kept at high positions. Who, BTW, still have their jobs{heads}, or one at similar pay grade.
What a charade. Kabuki, even, in the vernacular of DC, where EVERYTHING seems to be preening in front of a camera, prancing "just so" in those famous "New Suits" tailored of the famed 'invisible' cloth.

We who pay attention know the ineptitude and incompetency demonstrated. The 'congenital liar' must be kept from any more 'levers of power' to minimize the damage she can cause. IMO. IOW, go home to Chappaqua and write your book about how you saved the world as the smartest woman in the world. Your derrier is only outshown by your ego.

Chuck Martel said...

So which was it -- a "protest" or "guys out for a walk one night"?

Evidently it was a protest or random street crime but most definitely not a coordinated attack by Al Qaeda.

rickn8or said...

Only one question Madam Secretary: "Who gave the order to 'stand down'?"

Jess said...

One question: "Madam Secretary. Are you really as f***ing stupid as you appear, or are you just lying?"

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