Thursday, January 03, 2013

The "Cap"

*Smacks Head*

Res Ipsa Loquitor

I'm not trying to be intentionally crude here, but ...

Literally millions of American servicemen have served their country wearing what was/is  universally called the "Cunt Cap."  I don't even remember what the proper nomenclature is, but a common directive from the Master Sgt. was "Fall-in in 20 minutes.  Dress will be khaki and  cunt cap."  I never actually understood why it was called that— until just now.

 I'm guessing that GIs coming home from deployment in some European country, who had contact with our Russian allies,  started it even though the two are not at all technically similar.  Ours should have been called something like "soda jerk" cap.


Anonymous said...

A garrison cap. I figured it was called that because officers and chiefs wore them in the Navy.

Anonymous said...

It was also callled a piss cutter.

Anonymous said...

Omigod! That brought back memories!!! I remember sitting in a hangar at a maintenance meeting back in 1976 (it was a helicopter detachment with about 45 guys and 1 female mechanic) and the commander was telling us about a formation we needed to attend.

Someone asked him what the uniform was and he said blues with short sleeved shirt, tie, ribbons and cunt cap.

You could have heard a pin drop if it weren't for the sudden intake of breath and then the lone female asking, "did you just say "cunt cap?"

Needless to say we had fodder for conversation for days afterward.

True story!!

And no one filed charges against him, either.

That was back when common sense existed and people realized sometimes we all suffer a slip of the tongue.

Today he'd have been counseled, forced to attend sensitivity training and probably never gotten promoted again.


Anonymous said...

Overseas cap is what we called it.

Cheesy said...

When women are present, courtesy dictates it be called a 'Labia Lid.'

Anonymous said...

Doughboys in the AEF got them in France in WW1. It replaced their Stetson as more convenient for 40 and 8 boxcar travels.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Esteve said...

What Tim said. Piss Cutter was the commom navy slang in my day. A little more refined don't you think?

george said...

Yea Esteve what we need is an Army of refine grunts...why when I was in basic I learned things about my dear mother and her behavior that would chill even Hillary. Least that is what D.I. Kirchner informed me.

Skoonj said...

For us the official, secondary name was the flight cap.

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out why it was called a "cunt cap" or a "piss cutter"!? Really? Have you eveer really examined one?

Anonymous said...

Er...yes you ARE being intentionally rude...!

...and your efforts are, as usual, sincerely appreciated!

Big Bad Jim

Anonymous said...

Look at the cap again. Major & minor labial flaps. CC


Rodger the Real King of France said...

- the gist of the article was that *until I saw the Russian hats I didn't understand.*

markshere2 said...

It's the stupidest item of headgear ever devised.
Hot in summer
Cold in winter
Doesn't keep the sun out of your eyes.
Doesn't keep the rain off your glasses or your neck.
Costs money.
Can't wash it - cheaper to replace it than to dry clean it.
Ugly as hell.

It's only redeeming feature is to be relatively easy to store and transport and not get screwed up like a nice stetson or outback hat would.

rickn8or said...

Had one redeeming feature: It was easy to carry two of them. That way, you could come to work, flip one into your "IN" basket and then go on your merry way.

"He's around the hangar somewhere, his piss cutter is still on his desk."

This was deemed "unprofessional behavior" just before I made Chief.

Went well with and was more convenient than a ball cap when wearing a flight suit. Wearing a Dixie Cup with a flight suit however...

Chuck Martel said...

I never liked wearing one but it was easy to take care of.

The Thomas said...

Thanks for reminding us of the old "hat trick".

I've even heard of it being done with a brimmed cover where the extra was kept in a desk drawer.

Skoonj said...

markshere2, would you prefer the wheel hat? Not me!

Esteve said...

Dang George, that's called sarcasm.

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