Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The CNN Vajayjays

What's the play coach?
Res Ipsa Loquitor

CNN also added one to its ranks, poaching Chris Cuomo from ABC News. In a release Tuesday, CNN said Cuomo - the brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) - will have a “major role” in a new morning show and across the network. According to the Associated Press and Politico, he is expected to pair up with CNN’s Erin Burnett to host a new show that will replace “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.” TPN

Some shake-up.  Let me axe you something.  What began CNN's slide into obscurity?  That's right; Fox News.   And, what did  FNC do that created such a television news whirlwind?  That's right.  They put together a news team, headed by Brit Hume—who had a sterling reputation at ABC News where he spakled  as White House correspondent.

The Fox News hour, including the evening news with
Shepard Smith, covered all the news, including stuff  the alphabet networks avoid like Nancy Pelosi avoids travelling coach.    That is, they dared Democrats to explain themselves.  A new paradigm for success?  You'd think.

Just a week into CNN president Jeff Zucker’s tenure, he's painting the red walls a different shade of red.  He's saying, "Damn the West Coast Offense, I'm going with the T-formation!"  Failure percolating.  His greatest achievement will be to fire Piers Morgan; but also the easiest. The whole lineup reeks howvever. Nobody deserves to stay.

What would I do?  Why I'd emulate FOX, and I'd quit tailoring my news so as not to offend foreigners.  But first, I'd have to un-ban word "foreigner."

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Anonymous said...

What lured me to FNC was the word LIVE in the corner of a lot of screens. Not so much any more...
I figured it was harder to fake live stuff, so they must be closer to the facts.
Today, or rather currently, I am in semi-hermit mode where I listen, but don't shout at the set as much. Actually, the computer, because big dish is no longer available out here in the boonies.
I was/am so disappointed at the November results. I now understand that the 95% of A-A's that voted for Teh Won did so because of race. They are racists, and put melanin above single mother births, family, marriage, good schooling, opportunity to live a successful life, and unemployment. EBT {food stamps} and disability will not be much good when the effects of ACA come home to roost. No more jobs, and a lot more part-time. There will be a drop in Fed taxes collected as the GDP drops. Race was put above all that. Gay 'marriage' and "down low" didn't have the sway expected in the battle ground states. Color did.

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