Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Worthless loans


But, I have a degree ... in Journalism!
Is there a collej degree more worthless?

This is big trouble, in the making.  Among other things, one of the big issues will be the expectation that student loans for worthless degrees should be forgiven..... and then, as taxes upon taxes kick in, there will be a growing resentment among those with limited earnings potential, regarding them having to pay social security and Medicare entitlements for the generations before them..... with the limited prospect of ever receiving any of those benefits themselves. 

Think social unrest on a grand scale.  
-Cuzzin Ricky


Jess said...

Unless they have a masters in cab driving, they're not overqualified.

Degrees are a strange thing. If they have no useful purpose, they're nothing but something to hang on the wall, right next to your ego, which you can enjoy looking at, while trying to figure out how to pay for your student loan.

The Thomas said...

I once has a college roommate who examined all of the majors and decided to go with Journalism as it was the easiest.

He would have gone all the way to the bottom, but he wasn't up to the work required of the student teaching practicum required of El Ed.

Anonymous said...

So I was reading that students enrolled in a two year automotive technology degree program in North Carolina had employers lining up for them even before they graduated and if they were willing to move to North Dakota the money got unreal.
I sometimes wish I'd gone for a plumbing or electrician trade.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I switched to Journalism in college because it was the ONLY major offered by the U-of-M that had NO math requirement.

Anonymous said...

Q. What did the Art History major say the the man with the engineering degree?

A. Was that 'half decaf'?


Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

For non-STEM majors:

Soylent Y2038 said...

My God, man, Friskies is *BOOMER*!

Anonymous said...

How do you get the liberal arts major off you porch? Pay for the pizza.

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