Sunday, February 10, 2013

How Now Fordow


Res Ipsa Loquitor

This is a second article in WMD on an explosive incident at Fordow, the nuclear processing facility near the holy city of Qom (I live in the holy city of Las Vegas).  Fordow sits under a mountain, and beneath hundreds of feet of very difficult ground for even bunker busters to penetrate. 

Reza Kahlili has doubled down on his first report on the explosion at the Fordow nuclear enrichment plant.  He has produced more detail on the explosion, including casualties among North Koreans.  Actually, I wonder if any Russians were there.  Did you hear that Iranians want Russian women in their nuclear facilities to wear more modest clothing.  Rotsa Ruck with that!

So, what do I believe?  I continue to hope it happened.  I still, however, maintain my skepticism.  I still think it could be an Iranian counterintelligence operation aimed at locating and eliminating Iranian opponents.  The appearance of more detail does tend to strengthen the case for it having happened.  But I also feel there would be an observable result which satellites can catch.  If that were the case, the Israelis, at least, would make sure the pictures were made public.

Anyhow, we will eventually know.  By the way, I was on the Barry Farber radio program last week, discussing this event.

Damian Housman (SKOONJ)


Tom Smith said...

Israel wouldnt brag about it if they did it.

FishStyx said...

From your lips to Murphys ears, Skoonj!

(I was raised around a fair number of Persians and as much as I love their people, FOOD, and culture; they CANNOT be allowed to proceed down the path they are on.)

Esteve said...

Barry Farber is still on the radio?

Skoonj said...

Esteve, yes, Barry is on the radio. His M-F show is on CRN Talk Radio, which you can access on the internet. Saturday is on broadcast, through Talk Radio Network.

Fishstyx, I used to love Iran. During the 70s I flew into Tehran on a C-141 (crew) several times. They do one food well: chello kebab, which I still love, but it is done differently here.

Here is the show URL I was on, and it works with RealAudio.
bf-02-01-2013.mp3 01-Feb-2013 20:37 11.9M

I was on in the second half of the show. The first half had Phyllis Schlafly as the guest.

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