Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rebranding the GOP

Rebranding Cream of Mucous

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Debate Republican ‘rebrand’

I saw this Friday, on Drudge—clicked the link. I didn't like the "rebrand" language, it connotes putting a "ALL NEW FORMULA" blurb a bottle of Cream of Mucous. Still, it got off to something of a good start—

It was described as part of an effort to regroup after President Barack Obama’s re-election and Republicans’ failure to win back the majority in the Senate, a fact that many in Washington blame on the poor quality of some Republican candidates.

"Poor quality of some Republican candidates" pretty much covers 100% of the baby RINO the GOP are so fond of.  They've consistently battled true conservatives who emerge, and that included Ronald Reagan!  Lately only Teaparty-Sarah Palin muscle have produced gains.  So yes, if "rebrand" is code for firing every one in the GOP engine room, Hurrah.  But does it?

More big money donors are calling for Republicans to shift the party’s stance on immigration to appeal to more Latino voters and soften their rhetoric on social issues like abortion.

Nope.  More
Cream of Mucous.  More diarrhea. More twatttage.


toadold said...

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Nice toad-y. Let's give it a proper link.

Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse

Anonymous said...

Reagan slaughtered them, McCain lost to an unknown, and conservatives stayed away in droves for Romney. The GOP couldn't be more clueless. Being dimocrap light WILL NOT win!

Jess said...

The G.O.P. is now regarded as the small kid picked on by bullies before class.

We need the kid to break a kneecap and put the bullies in place. Looking to McCain and the rest of the elites to accomplish this task is a waste of time. They've sold their soul to the Washington machine and are unqualified to lead in the fight to restore the Constitution as the final arbitrator of all government actions.

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