Sunday, March 17, 2013

In Drab Gook-0-Rama

North Korea exposes life in the USA

Ron "I Metsger sister"


Revernd Idaho Spud said...

Wow! Obongo's Amerika is even further along towards his agenda than I thought. I must move to North Korea right away. I will take my pidgeons and sell them?

The creator of this video must have received many grains of rice as a reward. I too will make videos showing truth about Amerika. I will have corn kernals that I don't have dig from the dung of cows here in Amerika. I will have fresh rat meat as well. My cup will runneth over thanks to the generosity of Kim Il Sung Jung Un Ugh......whoever.

Anonymous said...

Are you *sure* that isn't a Greatest Hits of OCCUPY Evebts?

iri said...

Now that's some real quality propaganda, if you're a Nork. People who study them and who compare them to their relatives in the South think they are creating a new race of sub humans; stunted physically and mentally from decades of malnutrition and led by a cadre of moronic psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday is Bird Day! With Snow Coffee!!

My favorite day of the week

Anonymous said...

I checked on the Green Bay Packer jacket the guy showing storm damage was wearing. It lists for $174.95 which is $174.00 more than the GDP of North Korea.

- One Man Gang

Anonymous said...

" A former republican candidate from Oregon"

Laughing out loud here,Boss.


pdwalker said...

That's positively droll.

Anonymous said...

But just look how FAT those poor starving Americans are. How generous the North Korean govt is with your rhubarb, cabbage, and coffee. You don't get coffee...that goes to the poor, fat, starving Americans, who need your help.

The Norks seem to have learned the Khrushchev lesson, about how the poor oppressed Americans on TV have cars and great clothes, but forgot to realize that the poor starving homeless Amelicans are fat and have pretty warm clothes, too. Bet the Nork peasantry wishes they had warm clothes and coffee, too.

Great use of Hurricane Sandy video, though. Thanks, Obama.

Anonymous said...

Just give Obama a few more years and this might become true.

Anonymous said...

Pretty funny, but if you need proof of it being phoney: Everyone knows there are no Republicans in Oregon!

John living in the Peoples Republic of Oregon.

Titan Mk6B said...

Eating warm snow?

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