Friday, April 19, 2013

Displaced spoiled kid farts

Adolphus Busch IV resigns NRA membership
Because his Belgian Owners Made Him?
Known in the business world as "Bud Light"

I'm sorry, it seems Bush Busch 4 is little more than a coupon clipper anymore.
  • After Anheuser-Busch's acquisition by InBev, August A. Busch IV was replaced as the subsidiary president by Dave Peacock.
My gut tells me he's seeking relevance with the smart set that used to dote on him.

Tommy Lee Smith


Jess said...

I'm sure his efforts will yield decreases in sales and a sudden dislike for the products his family once produced.

cato said...

This Bud is for ewe (sheep).

Mark Alger said...

A neighbor adopted a juvenile tomcat. Named him Bud. Had him neutered. I took to calling him Bud Lite.

"Because addition is commutative!"


Anonymous said...

Another shit stain that thinks guns are for hunting. I don't see why ... assault rifle ... blah blah blah. Asshole!

Anonymous said...

Butt Wiper! Then US version Crappiest beer ever made...Makes Coors Light taste like a thick German lager...RAK

iri said...

I remember my first stolen sip of Bud at five or maybe younger. It was wonderful. I can't remember my last sip.

Skoonj said...

"Because addition is commutative!"
Tom Lehrer, New Math.

Thank you, Mark.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I can't let this slander pass. I know Augie Busch personally, met him many years ago when A-B was a client of mine.

Augie is a HUGE supporter of guns and gun ownership, period. Under his sponsorship, St. Louis has more public shooting ranges than, say, Dallas and he's been a constant thorn in the side of liberal Missouri politicians when it comes to guns. Without A. Busch IV, Missouri might not have its concealed-carry laws today -- which he pushed for in no small part because he wanted his AB delivery drivers to be able to arm themselves against potential hijackers. (Last I heard, he personally carries a SIG .45 because he's not into bodyguards.)

I hate his beer (except for Michelob Amber Bock), but when it comes to guns, Augie Busch is one of the very, VERY good guys. Quit this bullshit slander.


Mark Alger said...

Seriously? Did you READ the linked article? "Rigid direction of the NRA?" That's not something the greatest guy on guns says. That's something a caponized tool of the establishment Left says when they think they can persuade a lover of liberty to give up.

Hell no!

The law is the law. Being "rigid" in support of it is not a bad thing.

Except inasmuch as hunting is one of the uses the tools included in the class "arms" may be put, the 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting and EVERYTHING to do with resistance to tyrants. The really disgusting and shameful thing that happened last week in Washington is that the entire establishment went through this Kabuki in the first place.

"Great guys" do not knuckle under to tyrants. Unless the guy forthwith and vehemently disavows the statement AND the resignation, my low opinion of him stands.

And I think that's true for most in the Right. I can understand not being on all fours with the NRA. Hell, I quit years ago because I thought (and think) they're being far to ecumenical in their ratings of politicians -- giving positive ratings to Democrats who are far from supporters of liberty and the Constitution simply because they vote the right way enough of the time on guns.

But it's not something you do right after the liberty movement hangs a good mouse on the eye of the Left on a critical issue, and you definitely don't describe it using leftist shibboleths.


El Jefe said...

While out in St Louis a while back and not too long after the In-Bev buyout, I visited the A-B park and stopped by the beer tent. After showing my ID they guy asked me what I'd like. I responded, "A beer. You know. The Stella."

The contempt on his face was priceless.

Anonymous said...

Gotz a story about an earlier Auggie (III?). I think in the 60's
At a retriever field trial in St. Louis, Auggie was judging the Open stake. Judges always urge the gunners (those shooting at live birds) to drop them in a particular area for each dog so as to make the test as fair as possible. At this even,t Auggie went out to where the gunners were to drop the live flyer. He drew a ten foot diameter circle in the ground with his cane and told the gunners that for every bird they dropped in the circle there was a five dollar bill to be split amongst them. There were probably about 50 dogs entered.
All went well and at the end of the series Auggie went to settle up with the gunners. It should be noted that this gunner station was about 150 yards from where he had been sitting while judging the trial. He handed them an amount of money that ended in $2.50. When the gunners asked him what that was all about he calmly replied "One of the birds was only half in the circle."


Anonymous said...

Kim, I don't think this is the good guy you think he is. Even if I could get past his "guns are for hunting" BS and his railing against "assault rifles" and extended mags (which I can't) there s this bit of douchebaggery:
"One only has to look at the makeup of the 75-member board of directors, dominated by manufacturing interests, to confirm my point. The NRA appears to have evolved into the lobby for gun and ammunition manufacturers rather than gun owners."
Hey Auggie - WE THE MEMBERS elect the board of directors !!!!


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