Friday, April 26, 2013

Who Be What?

Eeny Meenie Miny Mullahs
Res Ipsa Loquitor


I saw this from the Washington Free Beacon, which I like. Gertz writes for them, and he was the big military writer in the Washington Times.

According to this article, the mullah’s are no longer in charge of Iran. It’s now under the control of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. I’m not sure how long they’ve been in control, but apparently Ahmadinejad set up the economical system that brought them to power. Since he is a military veteran, I guess they are friends with him. The IRGC also likes the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons, so this doesn’t solve any major problems for us or Israel. They also don’t like Obama because of his weakness, which puts them in the same boat as many of us.

Darned if I can tell where this leaves us.


I guess, living like this is the best scenario.


Anonymous said...

Oh great, a Islamic mortar and ammo.

Helly said...

Who knew Jihadis were unionized?

Ha, this is exactly the same ratio we see with town road crews: 1 guy works while the other 8 stand around watching.

Kaptain Krude said...

Looks like Uh-bama has donated one of his used teleprompters to the cause.

You'd think, with the way he uses them, he would be donating more.

Anonymous said...

They're just playing their version of Angry Birds - with real birds.

iri said...

Ok, where is the after the predator strike pic?

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