Sunday, June 23, 2013

Downton Abbey Out-takes

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Downton Abbey Edits

Res Ipsa Loquitor


Anonymous said...

I'm not kidding - I just split a gut!

Tim H

SoylentGreen said...

These are things up for which I should not look.

iri said...

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DougM said...

So, that would make 'er a lady dingo?
(What? Yeah, a bitch by any other name …)

Helly said...

I'm always amused by your quaint extensions of the language, but what the heck is a "mandingo?"

Sorry I wasn't around to pose some probing questions about your iPad encounter. 'Not Gay enough.' Har, fist bump to Van.

I've been busy paddling Georgia. No really … it's even more fun than it sounds.

Anonymous said...

She wants a male Australian wild dog. Foolish of her, but not so difficult. I do agree with him it's not a good idea making a pet of any wild creature.
Umm, no she actually means
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

pdwalker said...

I was under the impression that it was some kind of plant

drew458 said...

Let her have the mandingo. He wants a dragon goddess after all.

Anonymous said...

"Whew!.... For a minute there I thought she said a mandolino....Damn things are expensive, and shipping from Rome and all.... Hell, I can pick up a Mandingo for a few bucks...Gotta keep the pig happy or she'll cut me off of those great BJ's"

Anonymous said...

The Mandingo, or Mandinko, or Mandinka, or other similar spellings are one of the largest tribal/ethnic groups in Africa. Nowadays they are almost totally muslim.

Mandingo is also a 1957 book set in the Anrebellum south authored by Kyle Onstott.

If I remember correctly he (the Mandingo slave, not Onstott) gets boiled up in a big pot for messing with the plantation owner's wife.

Of course, that was in a time before The Great Society made such interracial liasons the norm.

- Vlad The Inhaler

Anonymous said...

I caught that obtuse reference to Mandingo right way; it cracked me up. The underlying theme of the book was the perceived (by 20th century writers) threat felt by white men that their gentleman's sausage would be found wanting in comparison. So to appreciate this joke you have to not only know something of Mary's character in Downton, but Kyle Onstott's book as well.

Tim H

Anonymous said...

I'd spend a couple bucks to see a Mandingo on a mandolin.

Anonymous said...

Yes you DO know the Mandingo I mean...and I don't mean the musical instrument.

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