Friday, August 23, 2013

More Osprey


Love the osprey vid.  Here's one that I photographed two weeks ago in a tree about 500 yards from the north end of the runway at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  A retired Fish & Wildlife Service told me that the male catches the fish, eats the head, and takes the tail to the female. - Tom Mann


george said...

You are what you eat...

Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense, what male doesn't like head?


T macWeave said...

piece of tail heh heh

TimO said...

Back when my son was thinking of becoming a veterinarian, he worked after school at a local wildlife rescue center and really loved working with the raptors. The ospreys they have there are very intelligent and magnificent birds. You can see them thinking about everything and have definite personalities, unlike the eagles which are mostly mean, nasty dinosaurs.

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