Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Putin v Obummer

Res Ipsa Loquitor I've lately come across a  "conservative Americans admire Putin" meme (deliciously pictorialized HERE).

Didn't  read any of the articles, probably because I could see why without.   Let's be clear; Putin is at heart still a Communist KGB assassin who has rivals liquidated.  Still, he has leadership qualities that no Democrat politician in over 50 years have come close to exhibiting.   Although Obama similarly attempts to theoretically (and possibly in a real sense, ahem) "liquidate" anyone who threatens  him;  this is America, not Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia. So,  if you don't by now fear and despise Obama, there's something terribly wrong with you.

By the by, I did look at The leftist Daily Beast's lede.  They reason that Putin's popularity amongst Americans is much simpler to understand:

"Thirty years ago, American conservatives declared Russia the enemy. But now that Putin has declared war on gays, the religious right is in full support of its freedom-limiting tactics. By James Kirchick."

Res Ipsa LoquitorYou Stupid Berks!


Anonymous said...

With Putin you get the feeling that he at least somewhat cares about the country he is in charge of. Not so much for Obummer or any of our Eurocrats.

Juice said...

Judging by public persona only, I choose Putin. We've already seen what a mess they panty waisted sissy has made here in the US.

Bill said...

Sadly it seems that Putin hates America less than Obama, that is why some conservatives like him more. Plus he is a man while Obama is a girly-man.

iri said...

I'd like to see Putin pushing up daisies almost as much as I would the other guy.

Anonymous said...

"Americans, love a winner, And will not tolerate a loser..."


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kirchick seems to be of the mind that the "Religious Right" "hates" anyone; and that their entire consciousness is consumed with "the gays". Well...someone's is.

Fred Jameson

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