Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Daily Show Democrat Shredder?

Shredded?  I've never heard Kathleen Sibelius say anything that didn't smack of double-talk and bullshit.  Ever.  So what would one expect from this administration cow sent off to be milked by farmer Jon?  Shredded?  Michael Savage would have shredded her. Mark Levin would have reduced her to tears, and into a possible subsequent suicide.   Jon Stewart?  Hardly.  Okay, compared to the usual groveling Daily Show Democrat muck-a-mucks get from Stewart, it was harsh.  But I've been harder on my dog for pulling on the leash than was Stewart.   See if you don't agree.

The second half of the interview is of shorter duration than the commercial intro you must watch first, and not worth a squat.  If you're still inclined, it's here


Jess said...

He looked at her like he thought she might bite. She does, but they have shots for rabies, although they don't for what he suffers from.

iri said...

The only show I'd watch that features her ugly mug is the one where she dances on air. After a fair and speedy trial of course.

Juice said...

Feather whipped. Not even close to a shred.
Heard the best cut on Rush yesterday so I watched both to hear the "or she lied" quote and it wasn't there.

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