Monday, November 04, 2013

Connecting with-- who?

Only in New York
(or San Francisco)

"By placing his black, former lesbian wife and teenage children center stage, he appears to have connected to ordinary middle-class families and a vastly diverse electorate, if his mammoth poll leads are anything to go by."


leelu said...

Sounds like they're planning on becoming California.

Juice said...

Speaking of stuck on stupid ...
An all-inclusive adults getaway afforded us another opportunity to chat with fellow travels from other countries, well, mostly UK and ca. Of all things politics the most asked question of concern regarding the USA was that we had a "government shutdown". Really? That was the most important? Just shows what the lame stream hammers out.

But the most ignorant and insulting conversation came from the mouth of a Manitoba Canada woman when my husband brought up gun control. I waded (pool) into that one unsuspectingly but offered I would die on my front porch before handing over my guns to the government. Oh,yes!

With eyes to match her vapid mind she asked questioned me with incredulity: "Is this something about your Second Amendment?" followed by: "Is this something about your Constitution?"
and finally: "Is it something about your Forefathers?" Phuking clueless biatch.

If it weren't for her being a white person, I'd swear she was Obama or any other ignorant liberal. I made my way to the swim-up bar to forget her. FAST.

Anonymous said...

As someone who was born and raised in that joint. . . . It couldn't happen to a better bunch of assholes! Especially after two terms of that pretentious little biotch mikey bloomTurd.

Last one out, hit the lights!


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