Monday, December 30, 2013



This year I took to ordering bulk items online from Wal-Mart.  Not only are the prices very competitive (and generally lower than our supermarket), there is no tax (so far), and delivery is free and quick.  I frankly don't know how they make money off this; my guess it's the early stage of  some master plan.  But to be specific today, VIVA towels. 

Like most of you, I imagine,  I viewed paper towels as a commodity like salt; all the same, so go for the cheapest price.  One day I ordered Viva.  The first amazing thing we noticed was how soft and absorbent they are.  Next, I noticed that an awfully long time had passed before I had to buy more.  While each roll has a smaller diameter than the cheap store brand, they are so tightly wound that I want to say they are actually double in size. 

But,  there's more.  Who among us do not use a sheet of paper towel to blow our noses into from time to time?  With Viva, it really is like using a fine soft cotton handkerchief.  Plus - and I discovered this by accident, if you throw the used paper towels into the clothes washer, they come out whole, soft, and reusable.  Too bad they are not flushable.  They are today's simple pleasure.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

I hope for your sake, that you remove the "snot" before throwing the used towels in the dryer. MoSup will not appreciate it, if you aren't.


Juice said...

Similar decision this year with Amazon's Subscribe and Save shopping. You can select repeat orders in any range between one and six months. Before making my selections I used WalMart prices as a guide (20 miles away for us) and Amazon beat them, plus no tax or additional ship fees. Currently our list includes non perishable foods, paper products, and toiletries.

And BTW, I too discovered better paper towels (use by our D-I-L) than the Sparkle ones we purchase for the lesser price. You really use way more of them to accomplish anything. Viva is good and if the price is better than Brawny, we will switch to Viva.

Darrell said...

Vivas are about the only paper towels I will use when cleaning my glasses.

Anonymous said...

Every tattoo artist in America uses Bounty brand towels, because they don't break down and leave little blots when scrubbing ink and blood out of raw skin.

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