Monday, January 21, 2013

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They call me "Mr. Pizza"
Who says I'm an "all or nothing" personality?
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Hucker just delivered this Hobart 2-shelf pizza oven he had in the attic.  What's confusing me a little is the shelves are simple steel, and not that thick.  Since you know they do a fine pizza.  Hucker says they do, and he's a pro.  So, I ask myself, since my home oven will get just as hot, what's different between that and this?  We'll soon find out.  For now MoSup is just so delighted to have it in her kitchen.  Maybe I'll put it in the living room and surprise her.

Lance Armstrong???

More revelation from Lance Armstrong?

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  Picture from Chris B

Mr. Jefferson votes "aye"

Obama—finally—says something the founders would agree with
"Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action"
Aye Aye Sir

Boris Johnson

Off hand I can't think of a (male) American  politician I like and admire more than London Mayor (liberal conservative) Boris Johnson.  I only know him via his appearances on Top Gear, where he spars with Jeremy Clarkson, who is, if we're honest, a friend and constituent) when Johnson was an MP). So, today, as his direct opposite  in scope of intellect, likability, and documented past,  Vows action on 'climate change, Boris takes pen in hand' to say something sensible.

"The Sun is god!” cried JMW Turner as he died, and plenty of other people have thought there was much in his analysis. The Aztecs agreed, and so did the pharaohs of Egypt. We are an arrogant lot these days, and we tend to underestimate the importance of our governor and creator.

We forget that we were once just a clod of cooled-down solar dust; we forget that without the Sun there would have been no photosynthesis, no hydrocarbons — and that it was the great celestial orb that effectively called life into being on Earth. In so far as we are able to heat our homes or turn on our computers or drive to work it is thanks to the unlocking of energy from the Sun.

As a species, we human beings have become so blind with conceit and self-love that we genuinely believe that the fate of the planet is in our hands — when the reality is that everything, or almost everything, depends on the behaviour and caprice of the gigantic thermonuclear fireball around which we revolve.

I say all this because I am sitting here staring through the window at the flowerpot and the bashed-up barbecue, and I am starting to think this series of winters is not a coincidence. The snow on the flowerpot, since I have been staring, has got about an inch thicker. The barbecue is all but invisible. By my calculations, this is now the fifth year in a row that we have had an unusual amount of snow; and by unusual I mean snow of a kind that I don’t remember from my childhood: snow that comes one day, and then sticks around for a couple of days, followed by more.

I remember snow that used to come and settle for just long enough for a single decent snowball fight before turning to slush; I don’t remember winters like this. Two days ago I was cycling through Trafalgar Square and saw icicles on the traffic lights; and though I am sure plenty of readers will say I am just unobservant, I don’t think I have seen that before. I am all for theories about climate change, and would not for a moment dispute the wisdom or good intentions of the vast majority of scientists. (Continued)

The Rest of the Story

Love.  Oh My.

This is Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto, a professional golfer:
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He was married to --- this woman.
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Her name is Cibele Dorsa. She is a Brazilian swimsuit, Victoria 's Secret, and Playboy model. But, alas, Alvaro  divorced her because he fell in love with this woman:

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These two are very happily married right now.

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Some people argue that love is blind.
This story clearly proves it...
  • It proves that men are capable of real love;
  • Truly seeing a person's inner beauty, and not basing their decisions solely on looks.
  • Oh, and by the way...
  • The new girl is Athina Onassis.
  • She's worth 12 billion dollars.
Love stories like this kinda bring a tear to your eye, don't they?

They don't?

Well maybe this will.

In the real world, with all things being equal - I'd prefer Athina.  Alvaro Alfonso de Miranda Neto?  Meh. But I think in the movie he's the villain. 
                       To cuzzin Ricky's surprise!

We Stink


Res Ipsa Loquitor

Sometimes governments start out as gangs; strong men with brutish followers who simply want to toss out the aging mustache Petes, and take the gold, glory, and girls for themselves.  Those that do start out with noble intentions often (always?) transmute into gangs anyway, corrupted by the intoxication of power, and losing sight of the original goal.

Today’s US government meet many of the criteria that define a gang.  It has one strong, charismatic leader who intimidates, lies, coerces, bribes, ridicules, and proscribes all who dare oppose him.  Of course politics have always been a blood sport, frequently operating like a Mafia family,  but far less efficiently.   Like every corrupt government, ours is now like an onion—as layers are peeled, the smell gets stronger.

We’re careening along a one-way street, heading for a major pileup at the intersection of Deficit Spending Boulevard and Common Sense Avenue.  Even if we can find a way around that traffic jam, we’ll encounter a free-for-all melee at the entrance to the Fiscal Solvency Freeway, which will very likely misdirect us to a wrong-way on-ramp.

Our powerful V-8 SUV is firing on 4 cylinders and running out of Canadian petrol.  The fighter-bomber is experiencing major electrical problems and losing air speed.  The ship of state has had a gyrocompass tumble, can’t read its navigational charts, and is taking on water faster than Rose O'Donnell takes on a bag of supersized fries.

Hey, how 'bout this:  why don’t we just give the pilot another shot at getting us home safely?  Yeah, that oughta work.  I mean, after all, he’s really an articulate and likable homey who went to Harvard.

Ron M.

Thanks Ron, you speak for a lot of people who send similar thoughts.  So, what's the answer?  Is there one that does'nt involveyou know?  Something awful?   I've always blamed the people in  third world countries for allowing their leaders to terrorize them; keep them in poverty.  I can't do less here.  Either we are of a mind to make corrections, or we are not.

Pot Pie Remark


So I tried them.  Not bad.  Great little things.  But the veggies made the kids cringe.  What to do?  In the picture, you'll see 2 stacked on each other and a few on the side of the picture not stacked.  The stacked ones are the recipe as written.  The others, I pureed the heck out of the veggies and mixed them in.  No veggies, no fuss.  Kids ate veggies and didn't even know it! 
Thanks for the recipe!

Flag officer has witch hunt

                      —   you berks.   

OldSpook Yout tax dollars at work.

AFSOC Squadron Inappropriate/Offensive 1 WW II panel nose art (interior) with female fully clothed but promiscuous, labeled 'Night Penetrator'. Turned panel around so it doesn't show due to not having the proper chemicals to remove it without damaging the panel. Panel is on order for replacement. Aircraft Re-order aircraft part

Between those things, and all the removals of USO Cheerleader photos, Who the hell is running the Airforce, the Puritans?

Whoever ordered this should be forced to resign his commission in disgrace.

Courtney Massengale lives and holds general rank.
gromky I, for one, am glad that the Air Force is cracking down on Harley magazines and comics pasted in the work area. The objectionable language on the latrine walls must go!

Here's a few "Inappropriate" items removed:

  • ACC Squadron Inappropriate/Offensive 3 Ceiling Tiles - scantly clad animal mascots Sq Rec/MWR room Removed
  • ACC Squadron Inappropriate/Offensive 12 Coasters - excessive alchohol consumption ref Sq Rec/MWR room Removed
  • ACC Squadron Inappropriate/Offensive 1 List of rules w/questionable terminology Sq Rec/MWR room Removed
  • ACC Squadron Inappropriate/Offensive 2 Inappropriate Squadron Mug Handles Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC Squadron Inappropriate/Offensive 1 Signed cheerleader poster Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC squadron inappropriate/offensive 21 Mugs Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC Squadron Unprofessional 1 historic squadron emblem Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC Squadron Unprofessional 12 military coins Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC Wing Staff Agency Inappropriate/Offensive 1 Historical Nose Art Photos in display case Workplace Common Area Stored in Historical Files
  • ACC Wing Staff Agency Inappropriate/Offensive 1 Small Confederate Flag Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC squadron inappropriate/offensive 1 autographed cheerleader picture Heritage Room removed
  • ACC Wing Staff Agency Offensive 1 holiday decor Workplace Common Area Removed
  • ACC Wing Staff Agency Offensive 1 Music CD with offensive songs - presented by Vietnam Alumni Workplace Common Area Removed. ..and more

Of course these actions were clearly taken following orders from ... who's the Sec/AF?  That's right.  Is there any real surprise?

O Club, via Marc Miller

Sorta like Lenin v, Stalin

Res Ipsa Loquitortoday's bright idea ..
Maryland & California Governors Agree:  Loser drinks Hemlock

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