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They Love This Guy!

Even flies can smell it. Previously (July 2010)

Poor thing II

The answer to 4 down

Smoke Cookers


Uuni: the wood-fired pizza oven that fits inside a suitcase

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That via Tom Smith. Also, here's a novel twist (video) on making pulled pork with a homemade smoker from- of course-Alton Brown. (recipe)  Take note of a gas oven's water vapor.  The genius of this Indoor Pulled Pork is the air tight Aluminum foil package.  Still, I'm not convinced that it's better than the slowcooker recipe. My first attempt at it was perection, but the second fell short for some reason.

Liquids, Solids and Gasses

Oh My

Like a frightened turtle!

 The Humanity                         

                        Res Ipsa Loquitor

There is one word only to best describe this: Shrinkage.

René De Beaumarchais says:

Like a frightened turtle!

Shrinkage! Click for more festivity
                      Little Tommy Smith

Oh that poor thing ...

 What You Saw                             

What I SEE

You'd have to be a pretty black-hearted canker blossom not to feel badly for this young lady's obvious plight.  Unless?  Unless what?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

This erstwhile Manhattan bride left her betrothed at the altar after she heard him expressing to his groomsmen an  admiration for Sarah Palin, and questioning Obama's dubious citizenship.

The America I grew up in


A levelheadedness not known in the United States Senate

Gun Ban Motion Fails - Hilarity Ensues

A citizen addresses the Oak Harbor City Council encouraging them to support firearm owners and firearm safety and a councilman makes a motion for a new ordinance banning firearms in the council chambers which is against our state law.
The councilman then leaves the chambers after the motion fails stating he will not stay in chambers as long as armed citizens are present.

Mayor Scott Dudley reminds council members of oath they took to defend the Laws and Consitution of the United States and of the State of Washington.

As an aside, it turns out that the two members voting to ban firearms had previously tried to pass a motion to ban hats at council meetings.  There can be little doubt that their party affiliation is (D).

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