Sunday, January 27, 2013

Grin and Bare it

She Wants a Pulitzer, 
And She'll  Do What it Takes!

  Sheriff -You're on Your Own. Get a Gun!

I've been busy honing my bagel and pizza skills, and have been rewarded with an A+ for crust, and an A+ for (new) sauce from LooLoo, and an A for bagels from MoSup.  The best part is, I only grade myself "C" on the lot, so after practice --, Nobel Pizza Prize Here I Come!

I was tempted to put down my peel for this heads up from Rob the RAK, but just about that time I dropped a scalding hot dutch oven containing our Sunday  pork roast/navy bean dinner.  Fortunately, Mo Sup had just swept the kitchen floor, so ... you know.  It was delicious.

Anyway, here's that Rob video what warmed the cockles of my heart (what is a cockle?) and made me forget the awful basketball game I watched Saturday when the Terps got :homered" into a 20 point so called loss.

Welcome to Virginia

Oh My

Red Ryder

I have a prescription, but ...

I have a doctor's prescription for this, but ...

... I gave all my money to poor children.  Sigh.  But that's okay.  Sigh.

cuzzin ricky