Monday, January 28, 2013


Make yur own ..

This oughta give the  Feinsteins shit hemorrhages—and new windmills to tilt at. . 
Tom Smith

Popes and Goats

Rorschach Tests I Almost Failed

Jefferson, Webster, Kissinger and some Twat

Thomas Jefferson; Daniel Webster; Henry Kissinger; WTF?
 Hillary Clinton?

Brit Hume was as circumspect as any human could be in analyzing Hillary's tenure as Sec/State.  I—having followed her career closely, from Cattlegate, through Travelgate, FBIgate, and myriad other gates, and watched her associates in land fraud and myriad campaign frauds marched off to the hoosegow, while she skated—am unable
I would rather live in a society which treated children as adults than one which treated adults as children. — Lizard
to be more circumspect than calling her a serial liar, cheat and con man extraordinaire. 

Calling her the most evil woman in all of American history, while true, would only damage my reputation for sagaciousness, so I will here demur.  But, the same democrat media slugs who  crowned her the "greatest woman lawyer" in the land in 1992, despite being unable to cite a single achievemt, have now given us our Greatest Secretary State; again, without citation, except the word of Worst President in all History.  What a bunch of C-nts.