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1,100 Green Berets set record straight

1,100 Green Berets set record straight on guns
'AR-15 is not an assault rifle. It is a single shot semi-automatic'

Res Ipsa Loquitor

“The terms ‘assault weapon’ and ‘assault rifle’ are often confused,” they say. “According to Bruce H. Kobayashi and Joseph E. Olson, writing in the Stanford Law and Policy Review, ‘Prior to 1989, the term ‘assault weapon’ did not exist in the lexicon of firearms. It is a political term, developed by anti-gun publicists to expand the category of assaults rifles.’”

The Green Berets, who use the weapons, point out the M4A1 carbine is a U.S. military service rifle – it is an assault rifle.” [Full]

Accurately and succinctly put.  However, they've heard all this before and are either just too stuck on the stupidity emanating from their Progressive cloister or,  like Chucky Schumer [Schumer’s False Fire] is captured by the brilliance of his own false analogies..


"We Stand By It as a Theatrical Work"

The Greely Expedition

Watch The Greely Expedition on PBS. See more from American Experience.

In 1881, 25 men led by Adolphus Greely set sail from Newfoundland to Lady Franklin Bay in the high Arctic, where they planned to collect a wealth of scientific data from a vast area of the world’s surface that had been described as a "sheer blank." Three years later, only six survivors returned, with a daunting story of shipwreck, starvation, mutiny and cannibalism. The film reveals how poor planning, personality clashes, questionable decisions and pure bad luck conspired to turn a noble scientific mission into a human tragedy.

I watched The Greely Expedition last night and was awe struck—that I had no remembrance of ever hearing about it.  Probably because the government, out of embarrassment, tried to keep it hidden. I highly recommend it for its adventure, but mostly because of this lesson about leadership—the folly of judging a person's ability based on just a  slice of what's happening baby.  But, that's still not what I'm wanting to tell you about.  This is.

At the end of this incredible story hardship and survival, this is what PBS sees as the lesson learned.

Voiceover:  ".... for more than a century his records gathered dust until once again the Arctic captured people's attention.

We are now using Greeley's data to try and understand how global warming happened; how the climate has changed over the past 100 years

The irony is that this data is of interest today-- not because it offers an understanding of nature, but rather because it provides a key to how human beings have changed nature

Appreciate the level of arrogance it takes to assume that we have the ability, even if we wanted to, to control any long term behavior of a climate that has been evolving for 4.5 Billion years! Especially since those efforts have been proved to be politically motivated, based on manifestly silly argument rife with fraudulent facts and using unreliable data collection models.  These then are people who call themselves Progressives.  As in, progressively getting dumber. And I have been watching them for 35 years.

What it says about us

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show: What Postponement of the U.S.'s Largest Gun Show Says About America

These are people who cherish their Second Amendment to be sure. They love an America that stays out of their way so they can use firearms in the field or to defend themselves and their loved ones. They cherish outdoor experiences with family and friends. They kill deer and eat the venison. They’re connected to the land and go to game commission meetings to give them hell if they don’t think the deer herd is being managed properly or the streams kept clean. They get tears in their eyes when a son or daughter catches a first fish or tags a first deer. They plant food plots to feed deer and hang game cameras to keep track of local bucks. They’re very involved in their outdoor resources and everything they do is taxed to fund conservation.

Reed Exhibitions’ leadership should go, too
. [Full]


I think the point of this article is that pro-2nd Amendment people and organizations are coming together and will not take it from anyone. Not progy politicians, and not wayward people and groups supposedly in their own ranks. That show “postponement”, or cancellation, was ripe for being miscast by the MSM. This article gets to the heart of the matter, and this side isn’t going to be fooled. At the least, it is a warning to RINO squish artists who became weak-kneed in the wake of Sandy Hook.


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I Remember Mark Trail

Oh My

A Letter From Cruz

Sen Cruz Invites Banks to Move Business to Texas, Away from 'Bully' Rahm Emanuel

"What we have here is a  'How to Communicate'"  We also have the first instance of a Red state inviting beleaguered residents of a Blue to emigrate.  What we also have here, then, is the beginning of a possible ... you know.  I love this guy.

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