Friday, February 01, 2013

A Letter From Cruz

Sen Cruz Invites Banks to Move Business to Texas, Away from 'Bully' Rahm Emanuel

"What we have here is a  'How to Communicate'"  We also have the first instance of a Red state inviting beleaguered residents of a Blue to emigrate.  What we also have here, then, is the beginning of a possible ... you know.  I love this guy.

Timmy W


Anonymous said...

It looks as though Cruz has even caused Old Corny to begin to pretend that he has a set of cojones.

It makes me proud that I was a Cruz voter all the way through his run.

Of course, I am sure that I will be disappointed at some point in his tenure. But, we'll see.


Darrell said...

Be careful what you wish for. Blue state denizens have been fleeing their homes for red states, only to continue voting like they did from the nests they s*** in. The red states are turning blue. Happened here--"Don't Californicate Colorado" bumperstickers were popular 35+ years ago, it has since happened. We're CA East now. :( Texas is going too, from what I hear.

Chris in NC said...

And here in NC too. The taxes are so much lower than in New York that New Yorkers moving here have no problem raising them because "even with that increase, it's still half of what I paid in New York". NC is slowly turning blue too and since most of what's left in the blue states being fled are leaches and losers, they'll stay blue too. Even with a mass exodus, there aren't enough people to right the ship

We're fucked.

Jess said...

That's the bad part about the blue state migration. Sooner or later, just like with coyotes, you have to declare open season, or even put a bounty on them

From what I've seen, Austin is just about to that point.

Anonymous said...

The yankee transplants have been trying to make Florida like "back home" for years but the illegals have beat them at their own game.

The southern half of Florida is now like the bastard child of a New York City transplant and a Haitian wetback.

Helly said...

"Be careful what you wish for."

Well said, Darrell and Chris. Perhaps Cruz could ad a p.s. disinviting commies.

Vermont used to be a very safe and conservative state before immigrants from NY and MA overran us. Yes, the dopes do vote exactly the same way that caused them to flee their hell holes.

I don't see this effect on the west coast of South Florida yet. But I live on an island, so what do I know?

Anonymous said...

That letter also contains a not so subtle shot across the bow of Bank of America. For some time now they have cronyed up with the Obamanation. It looks to me that Cruz is telling them that he'll help Texas banks steal customers from them.

Anonymous said...

The bleeding heart liberal mayor of Mpls. is trying to blackmail Remington, Federal (made right here in MN) and Smith & Wesson into buying into his gun control crap.
I hope they tell him to pound sand.


Anonymous said...

I used to love going to Burlington Vt. in the 70's, the hippies were harmless for the most part. Then they started to import a population to fulfill the educational quota system and it became like what I moved up to escape. I miss the old City Hall Park in the summer.

Cheesy said...

Come on down Rahmmy - we'll show you why it's called the Red river.

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