Sunday, February 24, 2013

ORLY meme #2

The more I look at this, the more I appreciate its genius
"If the number of Islamic terror attacks continues at the current rate, candlelight vigils will soon be the number-one cause of global warming. "
Argus Hamilton

The Daniel Project

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The Daniel Project 2011

This has been hanging around NetFlix for awhile, but I wasn't much into watching yet another of the Bible end-time prophesies.  Not that I discount the possibility of their truth, but because I've seen so many of them already.  I accidentally clicked on it last night—if you watch the beginning you'll understand why I wasn't immediately alerted to what ticket I'd  just punched,  When I did, it was too late; I was hooked. This is quite different from anything you've seen along this line before.  I have only included the last 13 minute wrap-up in this clip (Hulu allows that bit of engineering).

Since it's Bible prophesy being looked at, it's impossible of course to leave Judaism and Christianity out of it.  And Israel is central to Biblical prophesy.  What I hadn't put together before was how central.

At one point, leading up to what Christians call the Anti-Christ, a world leader who will unify the world with the promise of making everything okay again,  it's noted that Islam is waiting for the Mahdi; Buddhist the 5th Buddha, and even hippies, who worship lines in the sand, have someone which name I forget. So there's room for everyone. I'm telling you this to maybe overcome a reluctance you may have to watch anything with religious overtones. 

A blood curdling-for-me  moment is when Obama is shown prattling on about "what God  wants." Reading my mind, one of the commenters says, Obama was the first person to come to my mind, but since the (Anti-Christ) will be at first viewed as being full of wisdom and widely accepted; that's not possible.  Or to that effect.

Another interesting point is the prophesy that all people will be marked on their head and right hand with the mark of the beast.  Not to have that mark means you die.  Chip implants, anyone?  But what set me back on my heels was this question.  The Bible specifically says the mark will be on the Right Hand.  To what group would this have special significance?   (Who wipes there arses with the left hand? )
You can watch it in fill on Hulu (with advertising interruptions every 10 minutes) or on Netflix.  

For what it's worth.  If you were meant to watch it, you will.


   At The Cinema                           

Wallander Revisited

Res Ipsa Loquitor

That's right, I did nothing today but watch a basketball game, a lacrosse game, and several episodes of SNOOPS and WALLANDER-the one with Kenneth Branagh.  Above— my new review of Wallander.      Except.        Branagh (properly pronounced "brainer") is such a fine actor that after three or four episodes he's won me over. Even with all the blackness that surrounds him, the scripts are good, the acting top notch, and it  beats hell out of the original Swedish language version (which I also watch).  Sorry for previous dissing.

Nature's Flu Shot

ORIGINALLY POSTED 10:04 AM, Feb 23, 2012
UPDATED:  I wasn't much into it at the time, but I did make this potion.  A quandary was what did "1 Bulb of Garlic" mean?  I'd never seen that before.  Did it mean to say clove of garlic?  In the spirit of Emeril Lagasse, I threw in an entire bulb (after skinning the various cloves). 

What does it taste like?  If the measure of an effective medicine is foulness of taste, then this may also be a cure for cancer. Oddly though, a few minutes after swilling a glass, I fancied another. I didn't have the flu, just a wicked cold, but right now I'm feeling like some Sunday sex.  Alas.

(Note to any of my chillens what may read this: Your mother is still virginal, and your father is but a mighty engine without the coal to drive it.)