Friday, March 08, 2013


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I am, as you know, a big fan of ROKU (we have 3 in use). This announcement of their newest unit, however, made me wonder—will Roku be in business two years from now?  My son just bought a new "Smart" television that streams stuff the way ROKU, X-BOX and other devices do.  ROKU have bundled together a wide range of product (like Amazon, HULU, etc), but that's only a convenience, not an asset.  Still, there is a definite trend. Cable, satellite companies are losing record numbers of subscribers.  Some of this "cord-cutting" is due to the economy, but others, "cord-frayers," are people who just want to take control of what they watch (which is almost certainly what our current government would also like to do). I could do without Cable TV altogether, but Mo Sup (Mother Superior) NEEDS it. 

All this means nothing of course, since after Baby Kim Twat Sung, or some like-minded terrorist like Obama, hits us with EMP, or an Executive Order, we'll be reading the Sears catalog in the outhouse for entertainment.  And it'll be a damned old Sears catalog at that..

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